Although the Tanzanian came back to the country recently, he is still under investigation over allegations of tax evasion

Businessman Yusuf Manji is expected to return to the Mainland Premier League giants Yanga SC as one of the four new investors.

According to Mwanaspoti, Manji will be welcomed alongside the other investors under a new arrangement that has been initiated by the club.

The businessman is still under investigation by Tanzania’s anticorruption agency Takukuru following claims of tax evasion. 

His return to the record champions is subject to approval from the government and the club’s board, which is expected in the coming months.

According to the new agreement, Yanga will retain 51% of the club’s shares, while Manji, Ghalib Mohamed, and Rotam Aziz will share the remaining percentage.

“If Manji wants to return, he is most welcome because he was never chased away before,” Yanga’s general-secretary Haji Mfikirwa said.

“What is important is to uphold our own regulations and ensure we follow the roadmap that we have started to help the club transition into a better and more modern-looking outfit.”  

If Manji returns, Timu ya Wananchi will be in a better financial position to compete with Simba SC, who are heavily backed by Tanzanian millionaire Mo Dewji.

“Should Manji return or not, that is for Yanga, we do not care,” Simba’s chair Murtaza Mangungu told Mwanaspsoti.

“Let them not forget that we defeated them even before when Manji was still around. So, let them not forget that.”

When Manji left Yanga a few years ago, the club waited for long before they elected a new chairman as they hoped the businessman, who had been under government surveillance, would come back.

He did not, and the club, under a severe financial strain, called for an election and Mshindo Msolla was elected as the chair. Msolla is still serving in that position and one of his great achievements was to bring GSM on board as their primary financial partner.

Due to financial constraints, the club lost its grip on the Premier League title, allowing Simba to win the last three seasons.

This season, they have been more competitive and although the league title ambition looks distant, they will take part in the next Champions League campaign after Tanzania were given four Caf slots.

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