Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS | How to Set XCloud Gaming On iOS

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Xbox cloud gaming ios present iPhone and iPad gamers the opportunity to experience gaming on their devices on a whole new level. Gaming on iOS doesn’t get better than this with this new exciting feature!

With this feature, gamers can access Xbox-based games on their ios devices. It’s almost as good as playing using the console, except it’s very mobile which is very much considered a good review.

Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS

What Do You Need to Use this Feature on Your iOS Device?

This feature recently became available to ios devices although it’s been around for a while now to Android devices. Here are the basic requirements you need to meet before trying this excellent gaming platform out;

  • Secure internet connection i.e a 5Ghz Wi-Fi or a 10 Mbps mobile data connection.
  • An Xbox account alongside an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership.
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.4 or above. i.e Every iPhone generation from iPhone XR to iPhone 13 Pro. Or every iPads generation from iPad Air (3rd Gen) d (9th Gen).

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How to Set XCloud Gaming On iOS

Turn on your iOS device and open a web browser, preferably Safari.

  • Navigate to the web page;
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account linked to your Xbox game pass.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on the share button. Then select “Add to Home Screen”.
  •  Find the icon on your home screen and sign in again.

From here on, you can select any game available through XCloud gaming. Welcome to Xbox mobile gaming.

Controllers that Can be Used

While certain games have on-screen control, you need controllers to get the best out of Xcloud gaming.

Preferred Controllers to Purchase For this Purpose

⦁ Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller; Bluetooth Connection only.
⦁ Backbone one; USB or Bluetooth connection.
⦁ Xbox Wireless Controller; Bluetooth or USB connection.
⦁ Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 1; U connection.
⦁ Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2; USB connection.
⦁ Xbox Adaptive Controller; Bluetooth or USB connection.