The Liverpool legend has shared a message for India amid the Coronavirus crisis…

East Bengal head coach Robbie Fowler has shared a message of solidarity for Indians during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in India.

In a video message shared on East Bengal’s Twitter handle, the Liverpool legend has expressed his support and has advised everyone to stay safe and take necessary precautions amidst the pandemic.

The club has also decided to amplify verified COVID-19 information through its social media platforms.

What did Robbie Fowler say?

“We, at SC East Bengal, are doing everything we can to try and help you. You can reach out to the club via social media channels. We are trying to help you as best as we can. We know that you are having an incredibly tough time over there in India. We are obviously all with you and just hoping that things subside pretty soon.

“Until then just keep doing what you need to do. Stay safe, stay out of crowds. Make sure you wash your hands, sanitize and if you do need to go out, make sure you use the face masks. Try and stay safe as much as you can and we will all see you pretty soon.”

East Bengal’s initiative

The Kolkata giants have taken a noble initiative of dedicating their social media channels to amplify and share verified information related to COVID-19. Any important information can be forwarded to the club through direct messages on the social platforms and the club will then verify and share the information.

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