Former YBNL artiste, Victor Ailenbuade well known as Viktoh has opened up about his emotional journey when he had no ‘dough’.

The Skibidat singer took to Twitter to call out close friends that betrayed him when he had no money or hit songs.

In a series of tweets, Viktoh touched every aspect of his life.  From his struggles to success to the part, he hit the jackpot. According to Viktoh, people see success as a big crime. He narrated a sad story of how he sold his only car and had to trek because he couldn’t afford a taxi fare.

“3 years ago i remembered how I sold my car and started jumping from one Uber to another sometimes bar no go Dey but I go trek am! People in gbagada can bare me witnesse some people with offer me a lift but I go just smile tell them say I just wan stroll unto say shame dey!” 

Viktoh angrily slammed people who want to reap where they didn’t sow in his life. He stated that they left him to suffer alone but now he has finally escaped that wretched phase of his life, they all expect him to help them.

“I’m really sad mayne cause I don’t even know how to feel at all maybe I did something wrong by investing in myself but stepping my game up! Cause the least y’all could do for me is be happy for me mayne y’all literally watched me go through all this suffering!” 

See his tweets below

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