View Saved Password Chrome | How to Find Passwords On Chrome PC

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View Saved Password Chrome – Trying to sign in to a website on your PC or computer and you just can’t remember the password or the username. You’ve thought about it all day and you just can’t find any reason to yell “Eureka! I remember it now.”

We know how to view saved passwords on chrome PC and you’re about to learn to also.

View Saved Password Chrome

Passwords On Chrome PC

Chrome has this feature where it saves your login credentials to a site be it Netflix or Facebook or that scholarship portal, you’d find it here. However, it doesn’t just save sign-in credentials without your permission.

For this to happen;

⦁ An email must be signed into the Chrome browser.
⦁ You’d have to agree to the browser’s prompt to save any sign-in credentials when you’re trying to sign incorrectly.

How to View Saved Password On Chrome PC

⦁ Open the Chrome browser on your PC or computer.
⦁ Click on the profile icon at the top right corner. It’s tagged with the letter that begins the spelling of your name in your email address.
⦁ On the menu that comes up; click on the key icon just below your email address.

The next page will provide you with a list of websites you’ve signed into using the Chrome browser either via that PC or another device given your email address was signed into the device.

There are two sections namely; “Saved Passwords” which you will first come across on the page and “Never Saved” located at the bottom of the page. The Saved password section has the name of the site, the username, and the password to every site you’ve signed into designated you allowed Chrome to save the details when prompted.

Viewing the Password(s)

The passwords are not going to show up unless you click on the “Eye” icon at the right corner of each one. As a security measure, your PC or computer will then prompt you to enter the admin’s password i.e the password that unlocks the computer or PC.

Enter it and the selected password will appear.

How to Prevent Someone From Using this On You

  1. Make sure you set a strong password to your PC or computer.
  2. Do not disclose your password to anyone. In case you suspect or feel your PC or computer’s password might have been leaked, change it immediately.
  3. Do not save sign-in details of sites that handle your finances or very delicate issues to Chrome.
  4. Avoid downloading files from websites that are not exactly legal. i.e free media download sites.
  5. Keep people away from your PC and computer.