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Universities that Offer Full Scholarships to International Students in Canada – Canada has a rich history of welcoming international students with open arms. In an effort to maintain the country’s reputation as a great place to study, many universities offer full scholarships to international students studying in Canada.

Universities that Offer Full Scholarships to International Students in Canada

Check out some of the Canadian universities that offer full scholarships to international students.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is home to one of the most expansive international student programs in Canada. UBC offers full scholarships to international students who demonstrate extraordinary academic potential.

Students who are committed to contributing positively to the campus community. In addition, UBC has partnerships with various international institutions. Thus allowing students to gain valuable experience and connections while enrolled in school.

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McGill University

McGill University is another Canadian institution that offers full scholarships to talented international students. McGill’s scholarship policy emphasizes diversity and inclusion.

Which makes it a great place for students from all backgrounds to study. In addition to full scholarships, McGill also offers financial aid packages and other assistance that can make studying in Montreal more affordable.

University of Toronto

This prestigious university has been ranked as one of the best in the world and offers full scholarships for foreign students.

This university is often considered one of the top universities in North America. Its international student program reflects this reputation.

The University of Toronto offers full scholarships to highly qualified international students who demonstrate excellent academic potential and an excellent record of achievement. As a result, many students from around the world choose to study at the University of Toronto.

University of Waterloo

This university is located in Ontario’s Waterloo region, which has become known as Canada’s Silicon Valley. It offers full scholarships for all international students who want to study at its prestigious campus.

The University of Waterloo provides all necessary financial support to ensure that your studying experience is a positive one.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is home to a large number of highly respected faculties, including arts, law, and business. In addition, Queen’s offers a number of full scholarships for international students.

This includes the Beinecke International Scholarship and the Tanenbaum International Scholarship Programme.

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St-Thomas University

St-Thomas University offers numerous full scholarships to international students who are interested in studying at its headquarters in St. Thomas, Ontario. Additionally, the institution has recently created a partnership with York University to provide additional financial support for international students.

University of Saskatchewan

Located in Saskatoon, SK, Saskatchewan’s premier research university is home to many highly acclaimed faculties. Such as science, engineering, and law.

In addition to offering financial aid, the university also offers a number of scholarships for international students.

Canadian Universities Offering Financial Aid for International Students

Some of the top Canadian universities that offer full scholarships to international students include McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, and Université de Montréal. These universities offer competitive financial aid packages that cover tuition, room and board, and other associated costs.

In addition, many of these universities have established partnerships with renowned educational institutions overseas. Thus making it easy for international students to gain valuable experience and skills while attending school in Canada.

These scholarships make studying in Canada an affordable option for international students who are seeking a high-quality education. By investigating the various scholarship programs available at Canadian universities, students can find the perfect option for them and their unique needs.

Scholarship Programs In Canada For International Students

The most well-known scholarship program for international students is the Canada Student Grant (CSG). This scholarship provides full tuition and fees coverage for students who are enrolled full-time in a qualifying program at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Other scholarships that are specifically aimed at international students include the International Scholarship Program (ISP) and the CMOE Canada Millennium Scholarship. The ISP provides full tuition and living expenses assistance. This is to help students from countries that have been adversely affected by conflict or natural disasters.

The CMOE Canada Millennium Scholarship provides funding for studies in engineering, mathematics, science, technology, or architecture. There is also the Government of Canada international scholarship programs.

To find out more about specific scholarship programs that are available to international students in Canada, be sure to visit the website of your nearest university or contact the admissions office directly.

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How International Students Apply For Canadian Universities Scholarship

The process of applying for a Canadian university scholarship for an international student can be daunting. Nonetheless, with a bit of research and patience, it can be a relatively easy process.

To start, students should gather as much information as possible about the specific Canadian universities they are interested in attending. This includes looking at the schools’ websites, contacting admissions offices, and speaking to current students.

Next, begin the application process by creating a personalized online application profile. This profile will include information about the student’s academic achievements and interests. As well as all of the letters of recommendation they have collected.

Subsequently, students should send the application files along with their transcripts and letters of recommendation to the admissions office of the university they wish to attend. Colleges and universities may require additional documentation such as residency proofs or test scores.

It is important to note that not all Canadian universities offer scholarships to international students. However, with a little effort and perseverance, almost any university can offer a scholarship that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.


There are plenty of excellent universities that offer full scholarships to international students in Canada. This makes the country one of the most welcoming nations when it comes to higher education.

Whether you want to study business, engineering, nursing, law or any other course, finding a suitable university should be easy enough. In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of top Canadian universities for international students and start planning your future today.

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