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TV Shows to Watch Today – Let’s talk about movies today shall we? particularly television shows. There a lot of titles on the net and streaming services currently and this should definitely give you a hard time picking one.

Boring, lonely, or not going so well day, these series are sure to make your day. Let’s get to it then; Below are the best five television series to see now.


5 Best Television Series to Watch Now

I’m not going to be listing the most-watched, or most popular. The list is gonna contain unique interesting series.

Jack Reacher

Have you seen the Jack Reacher Movie, the one starring Tom Cruise in it? If your answer is no, then you most probably do not have an idea what’s this series is about.

When retired military police; Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) in a town he just so happen to be in cocurrently at the time of a sophisticated murder, the expert investigator must put in his unique type of skill set to prove himself innocent and find the real culprit(s).

Its non-stop action and investigative thinking with this one. Available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Superman and Lois

The CW in every movie or TV series about the favorite DC hero; Superman has always taken the storytelling perspective from only that of Superman. The Superman and Lois show brings change to that tradition.

After years of serving the planet Earth as its defender, the superhero (Tyler Hoechlin) finally decides to settle down with his love Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) to face one of their greatest challenges ever; raising kids.

Season one ended well, now there’s a new season with new challenges. Superman and Lois give us a story of how parenting and being a superhero family affect Superman, Lois, and the people around them.


Okay, you must have heard of this one, its the talk of the town, everyone loves this. It’s basically high school drama with a lot of rated 18 contents.

A group of high school students in their prime tries to find themselves in the pleasures life has to offer. Drugs, social media, power, money, love, and every other qualities related to delinquents these days come into play here.

Sherlock Holmes

Big fan of detective movies? then this list is definitely for you. This is the second detective movie here and most people do know even know Sherlock Holmes has a television series.

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his partner John Watson (Martin Freeman) solve the most entangling and mysterious crimes ever.

The cases got twists that got twists and just when you think you’re finally getting a hang of it, it brings up a u-turn and then you find yourself lost again.


Yeah, there’s a hero named Peacemaker. A DC, errm, wouldn’t really call him a hero, its complicated, you’d have to see for yourself. Before you get to it, you might want to check out The Suicide Squad, not the 2016 movie; the 2021 Suicide Squad movie.

This series explains Peacemaker’s (John Cena) complicated hero choices before and after his actions in the Suicide Squad movie. It’s funny, dramatic, and action-packed, you don’t usually get to see a DC character like this.

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