The Amazon’s peace over the years has been frankly meteoric. within the second quarter of 2020 alone, Amazon amassed total sales of just about $88.91 billion, Also with services like Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading, Amazon’s reach also extends beyond physical items. this is often all quite impressive, and Amazon makes it very easy to order stuff. However, there are variety of reasons why you’ll want to delete your Amazon account. for instance , you would possibly not be making good use of the services or many not want to support Amazon anymore. regardless of the reason, it’s easy, though not straightforward, to delete your Amazon account.

Things to notice and Do Before Deleting Your Account
Deleting your account means all of your information that’s related to Amazon will not be accessible to you (or anyone else for that matter). And also this includes information that’s associated with all of Amazon’s websites. This includes services like Audible and Prime Video. After deleting your account, you furthermore may won’t be ready to return items or receive refunds. You will got to cancel all of your open orders before deleting your account.
Deleting Your Amazon Account
Unfortunately, the steps to delete your account aren’t as transparent as they might be. We’ll show you ways to urge it done, though.
To get started, scroll to the footer at the bottom of the Amazon home page, and under the “Let Us Help You” heading, select “Customer Service.”

And Next step,  bellow  ‘Browse Help Topics,’ select ‘Contact Us’ from under “Need More Help?

Now, select “Non-order related.” Nearer to rock bottom of the page, you’ll see a neighborhood titled “Tell us more.” Select “Account settings” also as “Close my account” from the drop-down boxes that appear. you’ll then prefer to ask someone via phone or via chat. we expect that the Chat option is best .

After clicking on Chat, a talk box will appear. You’ll need to enter something under “How can we assist you today?’ simply enter something that indicates that you simply want to shut your account. you’ll prefer to have an email transcript of the chat sent to the e-mail address related to your Amazon account. When you’re done doing this, click “Start Chat.”

The agent that you simply reach via chat will probably want to understand if there’s anything they will assist you with. And after letting them know that you are serious about leaving, they will help you with the deletion of your account.
Final Thoughts
While it’s easy to line up an Amazon account, it’s unfortunate that there isn’t just an easy option for closing your account which you’ve got to travel through the trouble of lecture an agent to urge it done. However, after clearing that hurdle, your existence are going to be erased from the Amazon universe. Have it in mind that if you decide that you want to start back with Amazon, you will have to start completely from scratch. Do also determine how you’ll donate to charity while shopping at Amazon. As long as you’re confident together with your decision, follow the instructions above and say goodbye to all or any of your Amazon data.


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