Tik Tok Live Wallpaper iPhone | How to Make a Tik Tok Video Your Wallpaper on iOS

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Tik Tok Live Wallpaper iPhone – The days where we’d have pictures and jpegs as wallpapers are well behind us now as we present the live wallpaper feature. Get that picture wallpaper of your device, let’s guide you on how to get a video wallpaper.

Tik Tok Live Wallpaper iPhone

Tik Tok Live Wallpaper iPhone Review

I’ve always had the issue of maintaining a wallpaper for more than a week. I get bored easily and change it. So I made a video showcasing 20 different unique wallpapers my wallpapers; get the point there?

You can set different live wallpapers as lock screen and home screen wallpapers separately. Another boost on Androids; Android Tik Tok live wallpaper settings only allows users to set chosen wallpapers either on the home screen alone or on the home screen and lock screen altogether.

As great as this sounds, it has some downsides. Firstly, this setting drains the battery percentage faster. The live wallpaper only plays when you hold a long press on the screen. Try this on the home screen and the iPhone would react to an app editing process.

How to Get a Live Wallpaper on Tik Tok iPhone

Unlike on androids where it’s not really straightforward, all you basically need to do is find a Tik Tok video. You’ve to make sure the content creator mad the video or post downloadable. i.e it can be downloaded or saved as a live photo.

⦁ Tap on the “Share” button. (The curved arrow button on the right side of your screen).
⦁ A page comes up next. Scroll sideways on the last tab and select “Live Photo”.
⦁ The video will be saved to the “Photos”.
⦁ Navigate to the “Settings” app. Scroll down and select “Wallpaper”.
⦁ Tap on the “Choose a Wallpaper” option.
⦁ Redirected to the “Photos” app; select the saved live photo.
⦁ Edit how you want it to appear on your screen.
⦁ Set as home screen, lock screen, or both screens wallpaper and apply the settings.

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