Tik Tok Live Wallpaper Android | How to Make a Tik Tok Video Your Wallpaper on Android

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Tik Tok Live Wallpaper Android – Wallpapers are cool, you know what’s cooler (if that’s a word); live wallpapers. When choosing a wallpaper for your device’s screen, one always goes for something unique and probably dark.

What could be more unique than a wallpaper that plays on your device’s screen like a video on repeat? You’d have a video playing on the background of your app’s page and every other transparent page that you open on your android device.

Tik Tok Live Wallpaper Android

Tik Tok Live Wallpaper Review

Let’s begin with the good aspect, it’s super cool. Makes your android device look unique, interesting, and colorful. There’s literally a video playing on repeat as your wallpaper and depending on the live wallpaper you choose on Tik Tok, anyone that sees this will be pretty impressed.

Now we can talk about the cons; it drains your android device battery. Secondly, not all videos on Tik Tok can be used as wallpapers.

If the creator allows other users to download the video and make it available as a live wallpaper, yes you can use it. Otherwise, the video will just be another great video you liked on Tik Tok.

You can’t also have live wallpaper on your android device only on its lock screen. It has to be either on the home screen alone or on the home screen and lock screen altogether.

Furthermore, if your android device OS is below Android 12, you just might not be able to access this feature. But there’s a trick to that just below.

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Can’t Make Tik Tok Video Live Wallpaper – Solution and Tips

There are two ways to fix this which we’re going to explain in this article.

Fix 1

Find videos on Tik Tok that are automatically made to be live wallpapers. i.e the content or video creator prompts users to make the video live wallpaper.

For instance, there is the champions league post in which the ever-elegant footballer; Neymar was juggling a football skillfully. The post contained a prompt to make the video live wallpaper.

Click on the three dots or arrow button on the right side of the post. Then select “Set as Wallpaper”. Subsequently, you can choose whether to make the live wallpaper for “Homescreen” or “Lockscreen and Homescreen”.

Fix 2

Download a Tik Tok live wallpaper maker app from the Google play store. i.e Tik Tok Video Wallpaper. Find a video on Tik Tok and download it, then go on to open the app.

Give the app access to your gallery and select the downloaded Tik Tok video. Then edit the video by following the app’s instructions and make it your live wallpaper.

How to Make a Tik Tok Video your Live Wallpaper

⦁ Open Tik Tok. Browse it until you get a video you like or think would be cool as a live wallpaper.
⦁ Tap on the curved arrow button on the right side of the video.
⦁ A pop-up page comes up halfway through your screen. Scroll sideways on the last tab on the page and select “Live Photo”.

The video will be downloaded as a live picture which you can proceed to set as a live wallpaper in your device’s settings app under the “Display” or “Wallpaper” tab.