The Hunter And The Bird

Once upon A Time, there comes a hunter named “Ramoni” in a village, called “Ata’ama” this hunter chose to be a kind person and at the same time a great hunter, the hunter has a wife but no a single child, his wife who named “OJULOGE”. He has a farm land which was giving to him by his grand mother Ramoni always go to the farm to achieve his daily activities, such as weeding of unwanted grass around the planted crops, setting of traps for bush animals, and fetching of fire wood to sell to make some money, he usually leave the house early to go to the farm and they have been living fine with his wife Ojuloge not until the villagers begins to jealous their sweet living life there is a palm wine seller named “jimoh” that usually sells his palm wine around the village he usually take a litre of palm wine to the hunters house and he don’t normally come across the hunter each time he take the palm wine to his house not knowing that there are two hypocrite women usually observe the arrival of the palm wine seller,

its was the wife that always love to buy his palm wine for her husband because she knows that he love palm wine wen eating and Jimoh is the best wine tapper in the village, this two women keep spying on coming of the wine seller every day, one day the wine seller came as usual to sell his palm wine while Ojuloge the hunters wife has just done cooking her husbands food the Jimoh mentioned that he his hungry and she try to help him with some food to eat the two hypocrites women “Iya Basira and Iya Tope” are still not happy with them until one day they both plan to meet the husband on his way back from farm the two women stopped him the first time to gossip about what his going on in his home when ever he went out for farming he was told the first time but he don’t want to listing and he left, this women keep telling him about the moves of his wife and the palm wine seller “Jimoh” one day he came back home and met his wife sitting with the wine seller then he realise and thought otherwise, Ramoni begins to give iya baria and iya tope doubt a second thought, what Those women told him and he react angrily he went to his room and select some attire he left the house for the wine seller and his wife the hunter leave the Ata’ama village moving to a village called “Epee” after he left his wife because of the incident,

on his way going to Epee he met the two women again they try to stop him again but because of his heart broken pains he couldn’t wait to listen he keep moving before his arrival to Epee his farm was along the road to Epee village he decided to branch his farm to check his crops and his traps, on checking his crops he heard a sound of a bird crying and he rush down to check the position he set the trap and he met the eagle bird screaming and seeking for help, the hunter came around to rescue the eagle bird in pain the Ramoni removed the bird from the trap and hold the bird in his hands, Ramoni was so excited that his trap has caught him a huge bird so he brought out his knife and was about slaughtering the bird, the bird screamed lauder to the hunter, saying “please set me free 3x!!!” while the hunter disagree with the bird, the bird made promised Ramoni saying “if you can set me free i have three things to give you that will help and lead you in your life” the bird says to the hunter did you agree the hunter says yes but before i set you free you will have to give me the three things you promise me so the bird say my gift to you is not something eatable its a gift of wards now the bird says:-

No:1 No 1. Be very sure about what you see or heard before talking action

No 2. Do not listen to people sayings” because the tung is very dangerous

Then the bird said to Ramoni before i give u the last one u have to release me out of your hand so the hunter was eager to hear the last ward of the bird so he release the bird, and the bird move far away from the hunter to a position were it can not be easily catch by the hunter again so the bird says

No 3. Do not ever misuse what you have because there is no place for replacement”

so for some minute the hunter calm down and think of what he has heard from the bird so the hunter refreshed and try to get back the bird but the bird flew.


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