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Social Work Jobs for Foreigners in Canada with Visa Sponsorship – Canada is a country that is accepting immigrants from all parts of the world. In fact, Canada has one of the most diverse populations in the world, with over 200 languages spoken in Toronto alone.

But how can a foreigner find a job here? With visa sponsorship, it’s possible to find work in Canada as a social worker.

What are some of the social work jobs for foreigners in Canada?

Social workers help individuals and families in need by providing support and counseling. Other common positions for social workers in Canada include case manager, family therapist, and community organizer.

For those seeking a career change, working as a social worker in Canada can provide you with an excellent opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the field. In addition, many social workers in Canada are able to sponsor foreign nationals for permanent residency through the Canadian government.

As such, if you are looking for a job that will allow you to live and work in Canada permanently, working as a social worker may be the perfect option for you.

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Requirements For Social Work Jobs In Canada

Below are some of the requirements for a job in social work with sponsorship:

  • You must be a citizen of a country that is recognized by Canada as being a safe country to visit.
  • Valid visa.
  • Pass a criminal record check.
  • You must have completed an accredited social work program.
  • Must be fluent in English. Being fluent in french gives you additional eligibility points.
  • You must have excellent customer service skills.
  • Pass a health check.

There are many opportunities for social work jobs in Canada with sponsorship. Find out more information on the required requirements and available job positions online or through employment agencies.

Types of Social Workers In Canada

Here is a list of some of the most common social work jobs:

  • Mental Health Professional.
  • Substance Abuse Counselor.
  • Caseworker: A caseworker helps families who are in difficult situations. They may work for social services or with the police department.
  • Child Welfare Specialist.
  • Family Support Specialist.
  • Marriage and Family Therapist.
  • Mental Health Counselor.
  • School Psychologist.

These social workers have job openings with private companies, homes, public organizations like schools or colleges, and security agencies i.e police.

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How much do Social Workers make In Canada?

Social workers in Canada make an average salary of $54,000, according to the Canadian Bureau of Statistics. As with any profession, salaries vary drastically based on experience and location.

However, social work is a highly-demand field. So there’s likely many opportunities for wage growth in the near future.

How to find a good Social work job in Canada with a Visa Sponsorship

Here are a few tips on how to find a good job in Canada with a visa:

1. Start by checking out the provincial and territorial government websites. Each province and territory has its own website with information on jobs and labour market trends. This is an excellent place to start your job search if you are not sure what type of social work position you would like to pursue.

2. Contact human resources offices at various organizations in your area. Ask about any openings that may be available in social work positions, and express your interest in applying.

3. Attend career fairs and job fairs specifically for social workers. These events are an excellent way to meet people who work in your field and make connections that will lead to opportunities for employment.

4. Join professional associations in your area that are focused on social work as well as other related careers. These organizations often sponsor events or workshops relating to the specific career area you are interested in pursuing.

5. Search online using sites like indeed, xtrnet, monster, and craigslist or “Skills shortages in Canada” (

7. Volunteer in a non-profit task associated with social workers; This may provide you with valuable experience and connections in the field of social work.

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What You Need to Know Applying For this Job as a Foreigner

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a social worker in Canada, be sure to research salaries. Also, learn about the various licensing and registration requirements that may be required of you.

Additionally, look into social work training programs in your area to get started on the path to a successful career. You need a Canadian work visa, which is where finding a job with visa sponsorship comes in. This will depend on your nationality and the type of social work position you are interested in.

Available Jobs

Description: Child Care Worker.

Employer: Government Of Saskatchewan.

Location: Swift Current, SK.

Type: Full-Time.

Salary: $28.96 – $36.30 Per Hour.

Visa Sponsorship: Yes.

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