Small Business Ideas List | 5 Unique Business Ideas From Home

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Small Business Ideas List – Things aren’t looking too good, especially with the latest turn of world events. Everybody is striving to increase their stream of income to compensate for the ever-rising market prices of commodities.

Are you in this group or you are a university student currently at home? Are you currently unemployed and have actually thought of starting a business? But you are confused on what business to start.

Or your inability to raise capital is hindering you from making a decision on what business to start? Then you are in luck today because this article is just the missing link you need.

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Simple Business Work From Home Ideas

In this article, we will be exploiting 5 business ideas you can actually give a try with very little capital and little technical expertise. These businesses are relatively not capital intensive and can be undertaken by everyone who desires to increase their earning capacity.

Also, these businesses need very little or no advertisements. It just needs mouth-to-mouth advertisement and maybe a social media advertisement at most. Here is the list of our 5 unique business ideas you can give a try.

5 Unique Business Ideas From Home

Food/Snacks Delivery Services

In place of starting a restaurant, you can actually start doing that thing you love doing and delivering it to customers. Your kitchen becomes your office. All you need is to get a first customer and before you know it, they refer you to others. You love cooking and while doing that, you are still making money.

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Schools are in session presently. You can make those snacks like peanuts, plantain/potato chips, chinchin, etc. Get some schools you can deliver it to and they help you sell. You get your money and then give a percentage to the school.

This line of business due to its successful nature has everyone trooping in hence the competition is very high. Hence, what you need to do is choose a unique food or snack and also try to beat your competitor’s prices.

Cleaning Services

It all boils down to you not minding doing the dirty chores others cannot do themselves. It requires very little capital and even you might have all equipment needed at home.

The cleaning services entail house cleaning services, laundry services, vehicle/carpet cleaning and so on. You have these very busy professionals leaving close to you; why not meet them and help them with these cleaning and you get paid.

Surprisingly, the pay might turn out to be incredible. You also have to opportunity to get contacts with other professionals from your customers.

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Amazon Kindle Publishing

You have a flair for writing; why not turn it into a money-making enterprise by just signing up for Amazon Kindle Publishing. Amazon kindle publishing makes your writings available to readers. All you need do is write your ideas in a book and upload them to Amazon.

The Amazon review team reviews it and approves it. Then, they publish it on Amazon for readers to purchase. For every unit of your book that gets sold, you get paid after Amazon takes its own percentage.


Do you really love being amidst kids? Then, take up a daycare business. A lot of parents are busy and need to be rest assured that their kids are in safe hands.

Maximize that opportunity today by starting a daycare business. One interesting thing about this business is that you don’t really need much capital to start. Your home is enough to start at first and then maybe, later on, some equipment that kids love to play with might be added.

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Home Tutoring

This is another small-scale business you can give a try. It involves you getting to teach pupils and students at home for a fee. If you find teaching interesting as I do, you will find out that you can make a lot of money from home lessons.

One interesting thing is that you can offer this business service online or physically and you get to choose your time. Online in the sense that you can use tools like Google Classroom. It is one of the very flexible business ideas you should give a try.


The goal isn’t to start big, it’s to start small and grow big. So it’s not going to be easy at first