Simple Steps To Generate And Upload a Disavow File | Check Out!

Simple Steps To Generate And Upload a Disavow File | Read Carefully and work woth this simple tutorials, Hello AfricanTunez, welcome to today’s tutorial! i hope you all enjoyed our previous tutorial on HOW TO CREATE A PAYONEER ACCOUNT! Well, i guess you do, In today’s tutorial, i am going to teach you how to generate and upload a disavow file on google search console, Are you a hardworking blogger whose blog has been ranking for awhile and then all of a sudden you see a drop in traffic! if yes, well then i’m afraid, this tutorial is for you, Now follow me and continue reading below

What is a Disavow File?
A disavow file is a .txt file that contains unwanted links and domains that have come to breach Google’s guidelines whereby it is being uploaded on the google search console for google to disavow.

How To Create A Disavow File
Step 1: Create a .txt file and name it whatsoever you want, as for me i will name it disavow .txt for easy to remember.

Step 2: On head to any SEO website such as Smrush, MOZ or Ahrefs and type in your domain URL to view your backlink profile.

Step 3: Now Copy all links that you think its toxic or harmful to your domain and paste it on the .txt file you created earlier and save it. (Be careful not to copy along with a good backlink, It might destroy your ranking on google

Step 4: Yep, After pasting, head to google search console and then search and click on disavow link, on the next page you will see where to import your disavow file you created earlier, Import and click on save.

Wow Now you have successfully disavow those toxic links stopping your domain from ranking, If you do it right, i bet you, you will start to see traffic inflow and that is just it, your domain is back to live again This is the end of our tutorial today, please don’t forget to drop a comment below and share our post, See you in our next tutorial

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