steps to limit background data of your computer in windows 10
I’am Dice by nickname, a content creator at FestnesNG. Many people find it so hard to limit background data of their computer after experiencing great deal of knowledge charges.
By default, your computer is allowed to run background data so as to update some features and securities.
By restricting the background data of your PC, No application or features is longer allowed to use data within the background on your computer.
So, without much words lets get into the steps below for Wi-Fi and Ethernet and so.
Into your computer’s desktop screen, right click on the “start” menu or simple tab on “start” key on the keybord.
Find and click on “Settings”.
Now click “Network & Internet”
On the screen there click on “Data usage”
You will see the network you’re using under “over view” click thereon
There, you’ll set data limit of your choice and tick on Always.Windows 10 data usage screen
You can also activate Metered connection of the network you’re using. Pause or off the windows update to assist reduce data charges.
Thats so simple right? we hope this tutorial assist you solve your problem.


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