Simple Guide To Fix ‘No SIM Card Issues’ On Your Android Phones.

Hello welcome to AfricanTunez and today we will be teaching how to resolve no sim card detected issues on your phone kindly follow our guide. There are various reasons why your Android mobile won’t read the SIM card detect. It may causes could be that you did not insert the SIM card correctly or your Android phone is experiencing a software issue. Whatever the may be the case, a solution needs to be found quickly when your phone says: “No SIM card” detected.

Here are some process for fixing those issues when your Android can’t detect the SIM card. On this note, If Your phone did not Reboot, power It off. If what is causing your SIM card error defect is a software issue, in many cases just a restart is all it takes to fix the problem. Press and hold the power button for few seconds until the pop-up window appears with the “power off” option. Press on it to “restart” to restart the phone (Off and On)

This is what you need to fix a lot of problems on your phone, but more recently, users on the Sprint and Verizon networks have reported that a restart isn’t enough to fix the “No SIM error detect and even that a restart can cause the “No SIM card detected” error. The solution was to shut down their phones “within 30 seconds” and power it ON again afresh to start using your phone normally without any issue of no sim card detected. If this fixes your the issues, you should stick to offing the phone and then power on your phone instead of restarting until an Android update or carrier settings update gets released to fix the issues.


Here is another simple guide to the SIM error in more recent Android versions is to see if your SIM card is actually switched on. To do this, kindly go to “Settings -> Network and Internet -> SIM cards,” then tap the slider next to your SIM card so it is “On. If you have a dual-SIM (two Sims) setup, this is also the screen where you can make sure that the SIM card you prefer is active.

Before you you start using out guide on no sim card detected issues, you should read carefully the massage you phone shows you before getting started. If there were only a way to know what is causing the no SIM card error detect from the very beginning, there would be no need to waste time trying different methods. Unfortunately, until the Android phone shows a message telling you what the cause of the problem is, the trial-and-error method is all you have. If you need more knowledge pertaining to this post please contact us and we’ll be right there for you. Thank you..!

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