Nigerians in Libya have protested after one of their compatriots was arrested by the police for alleged theft.


Arabic media on Monday, March 22, reported that a Libyan citizen accused his Nigerian housemaid of stealing 40 thousand Dinar (N3,382,222.19) from him and she was subsequently arrested. 



Details on the incident are sketchy, however, according to a Nigerian, Oyindamola Salau Olayemi, who lives in the same area, all the Nigerians working for the Libyan citizen were also “packed” by the police that night, Monday, March 22. 


“It happened around my area last night. The gunshot was tough…they packed every Nigerian in the house. So real. She stole three phones and accessories too as the Arabic news picked it on TV this morning”  Oyindamola said. 


Reacting to the incident, some Nigerians  on Twitter claimed that the accused is innocent, with many saying that Arabs are known for falsely accusing their African employees of theft.


“I believe she didn’t steal any 40 thousand Dina’s from any body….. Her monthly salary is what there don’t want to pay her so as she ask for it then the wicked Libya man change it for her. All the name of wickedness …..that will kill the generation. Just imagine how she steal that kind of money ad she will still remain in that same house…I hear uuuu nor be only 40 thousand Dina’s he for say 100…. Stupid ad heartless set of people. I just pray God save this girl.” one said. 


Olori Vict said; “Are you sure? I dont think that you all know how Arabs do if they dont want to pay someone. They will do anything to lie because they dont want to pay for the work them do for them.” 


Vivian Agbonnaye: “Oh lord please help us in this country called Libya because this I know may not be true. Some Libya can lie”


Kenny Capable: IOM Nigeria IOM-UN Immigration will return you people back to Nigeria, support you financially, you will still collect the cash and return back to Libya. Who do us? Stop illegal migration and human trafficking”





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