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Got an iPhone and its crashing, malfunctioning, hanging, shutting itself down and you’ve tried everything you can but to no avail? Well the best solution would be to get a new one or take the phone to a specialist but that isn’t the purpose of this article.
Before trying out the “best advice”, you might want to try restoring your iPhone in iTunes. Its simple and pretty easy, will save you time, money and resources if its carried out successfully.

reset iphone in itunes

How to Restore iPhone through iTunes

Follow these simple steps to get this done;
⦁ Set up your computer, preferably a Mac system and connect your iPhone to it using an iPhone cable.
⦁ Open or set-up iTunes on your computer and allow it to recognize the connected iPhone.
⦁ Your iPhone should bring up the “Trust this Computer” or “allow” prompt which you should click on to continue. Go on to select your iPhone X when it shows up on iTunes
⦁ Get to the summary section and click on the “Restore Device Name” link. A confirmation prompt will come up, select “Restore” to continue.
To finish up the process, just stick to the on-screen instructions.

How to Perform a Recovery mode Restore through iTunes

If the above method doesn’t prove successful, try this next one out. Set up your Mac system again and follow the steps below;
⦁ Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then press and quickly release the volume down button.
⦁ After that, hold on the power button until the recovery mode screen comes up not when the apple logo comes up. i.e. keep pressing even after you see the apple logo to access recovery mode.
⦁ Once the recovery mode comes up or you see the “connect to iTunes” screen; hold on for the “Restore” or “Update” prompt to come up. Then select the “Restore” option or prompt
Both methods will cause the iTunes to erase your device’s data and install the latest iOS software thus you’d have to set up your device as new when it’s done. Good luck.


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