Raya Dating App | How to Get on Raya App

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Raya dating app is an exclusive dating platform not known to many prior to a post about it on Tik Tok. The story is about a lady who got matched with Ben Affleck (Batman) on the app and decided to unmatch thinking it was impossible.

Apparently, she got a video from the celebrity on Instagram asking why she unmatched him. Although, Ben Affleck has put to bed claims that he’s on the app however that raises questions about other celebrities being on the dating platform.

Raya dating app

What is Raya Dating App?

This dating platform isn’t the casual meet and match type, it’s pretty hard to get in. It requires an application to be submitted, then it has to be reviewed and accepted which can take a very long time.

The word is the platform is looking to diversify the type of people on it but with its exclusiveness, you can always be sure no ordinary person(s) application will get accepted. Even when you get accepted, the slightest error, non-participation, or mistake could get you kicked out.

Furthermore, Raya over the years has added features to ensure it isn’t just a casual online dating site. It’s becoming more rigid and social thus taking a turn into the social media world.

Raya Features

It has the basic features like any dating platform except its exclusive plus it also has some based on social media ideas.

  • Operates based on Swipe, Match, and start messaging system.
  • You can create a slide show of pictures while creating your profile picture. The slide show creation also has an option to add music to it more like creating a Tik Tok Video.
  • Comprehensive Dating profile.

Raya Drawback

It’s exclusive, thus the first drawback of this dating platform will be it’s not free. It costs $9.99/month. Secondly, the app is only available to iOS mobile devices, Android users can’t download it from their respective app stores.

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You can get matches from anyone in the world. On first look, that’s a good thing except you can’t exactly filter suggested profiles by location; only age and gender. Although there’s a Maps section to find people near you, it costs extra.

You could get kicked off the app very easily especially if you break Raya’s policies of respect, trust, and policy, or stop participating.

How to Get On Raya App

It’s pretty straightforward except it’s hard to. The first step is to download the mobile app from the apple store.

Open the app, and fill out the application form which will be reviewed by a lot of anonymous committee members. You also need a referral from someone already in. The more referrals you’ve got, the higher your chance of getting in.