Pinterest TV Studio App | How to Download Pinterest Livestream App

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It’s pertinent for every social media medium to take steps towards moving to a more video-esque arena. Pictures are good, but videos are better; Tik Tok has already made that clear beyond doubt.

Pinterest recently released a new app that would take it into the next stage of social interactions within its community. The Pinterest TV studio app ensures creators on the “Pin” app have all the necessary tools to Livestream on the platform easily and quickly.

Pinterest TV Studio App

Why Pinterest TV Studio App

Tik Tok between 2018 till now has amassed more than a billion users, Instagram Reels since being released have gotten a lot of engagement from Instagram users. Snapchat has up to 316 plus million users already.

People get more attracted to video-based content than character or picture-based content. This isn’t Pinterest’s first move to get into the video-based content group.

Last year, Pinterest launched a TV app that has videos from creators about content in different genres like food, lifestyle, fashion, home, and so on. There’s also the “Idea Pins” feature; more like short-form video content and applicable stories.

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What’s this App about?

In simple terms; it’s Pinterest live video app. Imagine Facebook live feature but on Pinterest. It allows creators to go live on Pinterest and broadcast live to the Pinterest community.

How to Get the Pinterest TV Studio App

Before proceeding to download this app, you must be a well-known Pinterest creator and must have been selected by Pinterest.

  • Navigate to your device’s respective app store; Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Hit the search tab at the top right corner or at the bottom right corner on the Apple app store.
  • Now type in Pinterest TV Studios app.
  • Select the app and proceed to download it.

Once you’ve got it, creators have to enter in a code or scan a barcode that Pinterest provides in order to access the app and all its features. This might be a temporary development as Pinterest with time might make the app readily available for all creators without a code or barcode scan.