Payment Gateways Providers | 6 Best Payment Gateway For Businesses

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Payment gateway providers play a very important role in the customer-business relationship. Customers are entitled to this right to enjoy a good payment gateway that is smooth, fast, easy-to-use, secure, and trustworthy when buying from a business.

Functional payment gateway should accept multiple transaction facilities (debit card, credit card, e-wallets, etc) on their platform.

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6 Competent Payment Gateway Providers

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment gateway for those buying, selling, and shopping on Amazon. It has an easy-to-use template and has proven to be fast and very secure.

It is presently available in 8 countries. The Amazon Pay platform comes with two different packages – “Log in and pay for Shoppers”, and “Pay with Amazon for Merchants”.

Amazon Pay platform is designed to provide a smooth shopping experience for both online retailers and sellers. Amazon pay is loaded with great features and tools that attract customers and encourage them to shop more.


Since it started operation in 2001, Skrill has made a name for itself in the world of payment gateways. It has integrated modern payment demands when it process and transfer money.

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It is based in the UK but supports over 30 different currencies. You can also make transactions using your email on Skrill. It also supports Credit card transactions.


Stripe is a cloud payment gateway platform that helps to accept and manage online transactions anywhere in the world.

This service ensures a smooth movement of funds in your business while protecting your funds from fraudulent practices. This it achieved by the great security interface it has adopted.

It offers multi-currencies payouts and also offers you several payment options you can choose from.

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2Checkout is a US-based payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods and transactions worldwide. It supports 8 different payment methods, 15 languages, and 87 different currencies in the global market.


PayOp is a payment gateway that offers customers some of the most popular payment methods in a few clicks. It accepts payment in over 170 countries in local currencies and optimizes payment rates; lower processing costs and eliminates exchange rate fees for your international customers.

It also offers 50 local cards and processes in over 200 countries. Additionally, it uses more than 300 payment methods.

The local cards allow you to pay customers in local currency through a local bank network.

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Authorize.Net provides strong infrastructure and security to ensure smooth, fast, and secure transfer of transactional data.

This payment gateway service provides its services to over 370,000 customers globally. It’s a fully integrated electronic check payment system.

Thus it accepts and processes payments from other bank accounts through the user’s website or the Authorize.Net’s virtual terminal. It also offers retail payment as well as mail or phone payment to its customers.