5 Top Online Payment Platforms 2022

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Today’s e-commerce merchants have a plethora of online payment platforms to choose from. People have changed rapidly to adapt to the new technology of online payment services.

It is now very necessary to offer an online payment option, no matter your business organization. The advent of Technology has made provision for these many platforms. They have also proved worthy by offering cheaper fees, faster transaction,s and enhanced security.

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5 Top Online Payment Platforms 2022


Payoneer prides itself as one of the oldest global payment platforms. With its services being rendered in over 200 countries of the world and its acceptance in over 150 countries.

Payoneer gives a physical MasterCard if you don’t want to be digital 100%. It’s one of the best online payment platform for small businesses as receiivng payment is either free or next to free.

Amazon Pay

Every business goal is to give customers peace of mind. The more reason to accept payments through Amazon.

Whenever they make a purchase on your site, they automatically go through Amazon’s checkout. This means that they’ll use their Amazon credentials.

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Eventually making the checkout process more convenient and trustworthy. There are not lots of drawbacks with this service except is that you have to make transactions on Amazon to be able to use it.


Due allows users to accept secure online payments for just a 2.7% transaction rate. They have an e-bank where you can save your cash online.

The online payment service also accept global payments which occur within two business days. Due made a name for itself through its innovative time-tracking and invoicing tools; which are especially useful for freelancers and small business owners.

They also boast of a digital wallet to send or receive money to anyone in the world instantly with little to no cost.

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The features on Skrill have made it very easy to use. Features like instant withdrawals and deposits, low transaction fees, exclusive offers and the ability to accept 40 currencies.

Furthermore, being able to send text messages directly from your account just makes it necessary for this service to be in this list. For every referral, you get 10% of the fees generated from the payment and sending of money into and from your account in an entire year.


Dwolla has proved itself when it comes to transferring funds. It focuses more on bank transfers, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, so users can create a unique to them payment solution where payments are received within a day.

The icing on the cake will be all transactions on Dwolla are completely free. Users can transact as many as 5000 payments simultaneously.

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Stripe has fascinated users for the last couple of years with its powerful and flexible API. This means that you can tailor the platform to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re running a subscription-based company or an on-demand marketplace. For Stripe, one advantage it has is that you don’t need to worry over setup or some hidden fees.

The platform integrates with hundreds of other applications. As such even if you’re not a professional coder, you can get up and running quickly.