Netflix New Ad Support Plan | Netflix Might Brings Ads to its Platform

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There Just Might Be a Cheaper Netflix Plan Soon as the online streaming platform plans to provide a new plan cheaper than the “Mobile” one. The Mobile plan currently entails being able to watch on any type of mobile device including PCs and computers at a 480p picture resolution at about $9.99 monthly.

However, Netflix’s mobile plan doesn’t let subscribers stream Netflix on TVs. What could get cheaper than this? An ad support plan.

The company is looking to increase its subscriber base hence giving almost everyone the chance to own an online video on demand service account. This way they can also get to the top of the online streaming business amidst the fierce competition.

Netflix New Ad Support Plan

Why an Ad Support Plan?

Not everyone loves ads when seeing a movie especially if it’s an interesting one. It’s annoying plus ads on a subscription service can be frustrating, we already have free movie download sites for that.

Co-CEO Reed Hastings also shares the same view however this new plan will support “consumers who would like to have a lower price and are advertising tolerant.”

Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers. The company’s growth surge rocketed high during the Covid pandemic period when everyone was at home and boredom was a new culture. Yet, earlier this year Netflix lost a lot of subscribers, for the first time it occurred in the history of the streaming platform.

The online video streaming platform has received offers constantly about advertising on its platform and has outrightly refused. Not Until now in an attempt to draw in more subscribers

Will this Affect the Other Plans?

No, it won’t. Hastings made it clear that consumers who are not ad tolerant would continue to be offered the normal ads-free plans.

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How will this Work?

The company also made it clear that this idea of this plan isn’t a short-term one. It’s not just meant to fix a problem and be done with, it’s here to stay.

This way new subscribers who want to start streaming can be sure they won’t have to choose a higher plan later. The ad support plan will work similarly to free online streaming sites or apps with ads.

Ads would pop up on the movie selection page, movie info page, or even while viewing the movie. No one’s sure yet, if you want a taste, you could try out an of Disney’s ad support plans.