Plain Instant Money Making Apps for Android Phones

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Money Making Apps for Android Phones – Do you know you can turn your android phone into an ATM that can be reliable and consistent over time? What is more fascinating is the fact that the cash can be earned by doing little things you have always loved doing.

Well, I know this might disrupt your activities on social media however you will soon discover it is worth it in the long run.

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6 Plain Apps to Make Money On Your Android Device


Shopkick lets you easily earn free rewards in the form of gift cards or cashback. In addition to making money when you go shopping, you can also earn without spending too.

It’s as simple as walking into your favorite stores and buying with their special EGD promo code.

Google Opinion Rewards

This official Google app lets you take surveys conducted by market researchers.

Payment per survey varies. You can earn up to $1.

You might not really be fascinated about the amount but you have to take into consideration that you can complete a survey in seconds and completing a survey is super easy and simple. Generally, that means you can complete a lot of available surveys and earn more.

Your earnings can be used as credits for Google products or you receive them in your linked PayPal account.

Big Time Cash

You can earn cool cash on Big Time Cash by just playing games. Woah! Games? Can you just imagine that? What you spend hours doing daily can bring you money. This cash is earned by tons of prizes, giveaways, and other chances.

You get a ticket in each game to gain a draw. The more tickets you can get, the higher your chances of winning. Your earnings are transferred to you through PayPal.

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Lucky Day

Lucky Day features daily lotteries, games in their hundreds, and other opportunities to earn money. As the name implies, this is a gambling adventure and today might just be your lucky day.

One interesting thing is a lot of people have earned millions of dollars just by playing Lucky Day. I know you might feel skeptical about that but that’s just the truth being thrown at you.


Sometimes one earns cash back on every purchase you make at your favorite stores like Walmart, Target, and so on. Ibotta lets you identify the app that offers you the best money-saving offers.

Just go to the store, shop, and earn free cashback. You can also earn a $20 signing bonus just by signing up. Your earnings are redeemable via Venmo or PayPal.


Make money via Lyft by driving in your spare time. The goal is to create a source of income by driving. One interesting thing is users earn a $300 sign-up bonus.

Lyft isn’t the only taxi-oriented app available to Android users to make money. In case you’re in the market for such, there’s Uber, Bolt, Gett, Grab, Curb, and so on.

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The only drawback is that you have to be 21 years or older to be able to make money through this money-making venture.