Instagram Might Get NFT Soon | What does this Mean

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Facebook CEO; Mark Zuckerberg last week announced that Meta, its new face or name would soon allow non-fungible tokens on its glamorous pictures and videos filled app; Instagram. With no specific date or time given out, He confirmed that NFT will definitely be available on Instagram.

The giant social media networking platform now rebranded as Meta has released features upon features to help users with businesses online. Since getting its name changed from Facebook to Meta last year October the giant social networking platform really hasn’t slowed down when it comes to innovation.

Instagram Might Get NFT Soon

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What does this Mean

This will enable users to mint NFTs on Instagram. Cool right although most Instagram users might just prefer it to stay shiny. We’ve always known Facebook to be the business-oriented social media network out of all the platforms incorporated into Meta.

So this is a little bit surprising and out of the blue. If any of the platforms were to get the NFT minting feature, we’d have guessed it to be Facebook. Not the colorful Instagram with all its fun gallery collection.

Although sometime in January, a Financial times report enlisted two sources stating Meta was working on NFT features for Facebook and Instagram. We can’t decide if and when Facebook will be getting the feature but we‘re definitely sure Instagram will be getting it soon.

Some social media platforms are already in on this trend. For example, Twitter added support for NFT profile pictures in January. Reddit used NFT avatars from its collection.