How To Write A Good Blog Post!

How To Write A Good Blog Post! – Welcome to AfricanTunez reader, in today’s tutorial, i am going to teach you how to write a good words and above blog post,

In the world of blogging today, most newbies blogger are lazy, almost all newbies bloggers are lazy to come up with a 100% original contents with zero copyrights or plagiarism which is very very bad for the blogging system, As a blogger, don’t need to be a writer before you can come up with an at least 300 word original blog post, it is very very simple and easy to do it, As i am writing this particular blog post now, i have written 119 words already, LOL.

Like i said, it is very simple, just follow my steps below and give it a trial.

Step 1: TOPIC: Now Sitdown and think what about what you want to write on

Step 2: TARGET AUDIENCE: On your blog audience are what type, the one who love to read or who wants solutions? you will have to consider that.

Step 3: After you are done with step one and two, then begin to write already as soon as possible, Just free your mind and write, communicate with your audience, ask questions, imagine as if your blog readers a facing you as you are writing, interact with them, Just play with your keyboard man. And don’t forget to check spellings and punctuation

If you follow the steps above, before you know it, you realize that you have written a 300 words and above in no time. That is just it man.

Give it a trial and come give us a feedback. We hope this article helps you in your next blog posts, Don’t forget to drop comments below and share the post as well, See you in our next tutorial. Have A Nice Day

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