How to Tag Products On Instagram | Instagram Product Tagging

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Instagram recently announced that its users will be able to tag products now and the feature has already been made available to the U.S. Prior to this, only content creators and brands could tag products on Instagram.

As such, if you’re not familiar with this feature, you might have trouble getting around it. This post is suited to explain how to tag products on Instagram.

How to Tag Products On Instagram

Why Tag Products on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t just the fun and fashion trending picture or video-oriented social media platform. It’s also business-oriented with tools and features that facilitate the connection of businesses to potential customers.

By tagging products on a post, you create an easier way for people to check out your product and decide whether to go for it or not. Things become more straightforward if you’ve got an Instagram shop so purchases can even be carried out on Instagram.

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Margins Of Product Tagging On Instagram

While Content creators and brands can tag products to Instagram feeds, stories or Reels, casual accounts can only tag to Instagram feeds for now.

Furthermore, It’s important you have a well cataloged Instagram shop for this to work. This way it’s possible for your goods to be tagged in posts, stories, or reels.

Potential customers browsing through Instagram can shop in the instant of viewing the post, story, or reels. In addition, Product tagging on Instagram only works on public accounts, not private ones.

How to Tag Products On Instagram

Instagram Feed

  • Open Instagram and click on the “+” icon at the top right corner.
  • Next, select “Post” on the pop-up menu and proceed to select a picture or video from your gallery.
  • Edit and add all necessary filters.
  • Then choose to “Tag People” on the New Post screen.
  • Select “Add Tag”.
  • Next, tag the brand then select the “Product(s)” at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the item that best describes the post and tap on the post to add the tag.

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Tagging Products On Instagram Story and Instagram Reels

Although this is still exclusive to content creators and brands, if it’s made available to casual accounts which it will be soon, it will still be the same process as product tagging on the Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories

Tap on the “+” sign at the top right corner of your Instagram newsfeed page. Select “Story”.
When creating your story, tap on the sticker icon. Next, hit the product link sticker and proceed to select the product(s) you wish to tag.
Lastly, publish your story.

Instagram Reels

Tap on the “+” sign at the top right corner of your Instagram newsfeed page. Select “Reels”. Record the reels and select “Tag Products”.
Choose the product(s) you want to tag and hit the “Done” button to finish up.