How To Play Modern Warships Sea Battle Online

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Modern warship sea battle online is an action game released by Cube software where you take control of and command your warships. The Modern warship sea battle game is an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android users and the Apple store for iOS.

This game has found its way into the heart of many people as it affords you the opportunity to play with friends. The best modern fighting ships are waiting for you in this online modern warship sea battle.

How To Play Modern Warships Sea Battle Online

Modern Warship Sea Battle Online Review

Interesting how the game will make you feel like the captain of a modern ship! All graphics are made to look real including ships. The game features different modern weapons, rockets, and cannon battles.

Players can create their own customized battlefield and play original matches with their friends. Each ship carries different weapons: missiles, guns, grenade launchers, torpedo tubes, planes, and helicopters.

You also have the opportunity to participate in weekly tournaments where you get to win in-game prizes. Players can only join tournaments by playing online.

Features of Modern Warship Sea Battle

  • Online player versus player (PvP) battles.
  • Over 30 different models of ships, aircraft, and submarines.
  • More than 200 different weapons to use.
  • Amazing and visually-appealing graphics.

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How to play Modern Warship Sea Battle Online

After downloading the app from your device’s respective AppStore, you have to have to sign in. Players can log in as a guest but you can also sign up with an existing Google play and Facebook account.

Modern Warship Sea Battle Online Settings

It’s advisable that you log in via the latter options if you want to preserve your data and progress as a player. After signing in, you have to set how you want the game to be in the settings.

You can also control the appearance of ship and water textures. Players can also adjust their camera settings and also the camera’s view height. You can also allow or disallow clan invites and friends invites. All these are done in the settings.

Modern Warship Sea Battle Online Rewards & Purchases

Another interesting feature is that players can use the language they prefer for the game and also the language the voice-over utters. There are also in-game daily rewards and it’s impossible to miss these rewards because the next day’s reward timer won’t start unless you have claimed the previous day’s rewards.

You can as well make purchases with the in-game dollars and gold.

Modern Warship Sea Battle Online Gameplay

To play the game, locate the arrow button with a battle button beside it. Clicking the button, three options are presented to choose from;

  • Online match.
  • Offline match.
  • Custom battle.

If you choose offline, you will be shown four maps to choose from as a battleground. The custom battle allows players to join the battle or remain spectators. Same as the offline match, the owner of the custom match can only choose from the four maps available.

Next, choose the warships you want to use during battles. There are about 30 available warships for you to choose from and you can also customize your warship. After that, unlock and select the best weapons available from the 200 available ones. You can equip and customize your battleships to become a deadly machines.

Once on the battlefield, you can use all types of vehicles such as submarines and carrier-based aircraft from different countries. Why not join this wonderful gaming experience and get to control your own warships?

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