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HOW TO ORDER RIDES FROM THE MEVRON APP – It is a ridesharing app that raises the bar for rides and taxi travel. The Mevron app makes it easy to order a cab, pay with a credit card, and offers the option to pay with cash.

Day or night, Mevron’s rides are always ready to deliver higher quality, safer transportation for everyone.

how to order rides from the mevron app

Why Mevron?

Mevron’s platform puts the control in the hands of our Riders and Drivers to create improved experiences with each and every ride.

Is Mevron available in my city?

One of the greatest benefits of Mevron is that it’s available across the world. The exact type and extent of service vary depending on the market but Mevron is currently available in a variety of countries around the world.

Mevron is available in cities worldwide. To find out if Mevron is available in your city, visit the Mevron cities page and type in the name of your city. You’ll be able to see the service options available in your city.

Mevron App –  All you Need to Know about the Mevron App

How to order rides on Mevron app

Using the Mevron app to order rides is simple. Just:

  • Open the app.
  • State where you want to go and choose a cab or ridesharing service.
  • With GPS accessibility on your device, they will know where to pick you up.
  • One of their drivers will accept your request within minutes.
  • You’ll receive a picture of your driver, vehicle details, and can track them on your map.
  • Choose to make payment for your ride by credit card or cash (in select cities).
  • After your travel is over, you can choose to leave feedback, rate your cab driver, and help them build their reputation and earnings.

Can I order a ride on Mevron without a Smartphone?

While using an Apple or Android device is the easiest and most feature-rich way to request on Mevron, it is possible to order rides through the company’s website. This can be handy for riders who don’t have a Smartphone or whose phone is out of battery.
Pick your destination now, request a ride, meet your driver and enjoy the journey.

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