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With how to make money online for free; there’s always a catch somewhere like an investment or payment you have to make.

Every day, more people want to know how they can make money online for free. Many wish to be their own boss and break free from those tiring and boring jobs they have been into for a while.

Making Money Online

Making money online all comes down to one factor; information. There are lots of opportunities in this vast world of ones and zeros, all you have to do is look and seize your moment.

For instance, there are freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on looking to hire people with certain skill sets. There are also certain investment opportunities with crypto and NFTs or Apps that one can make money online for free.

However, this topic centers around spotting and seizing opportunities online. This further means having an understanding of how the internet works these days; social media especially.

6 Simple Opportunities to Make Money Online

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant, you will be doing various tasks like replying to emails and taking phone calls on behalf of a business or among many others. It is one of the best ways to make extra cash online.

You can apply for jobs on Upwork. You can also make around $19.36 per hour working as a virtual assistant on Virtual Assistant Jobs.

Online Research

Do you have a flair for making research online? Can you find specific information using Google and other search engines? Then, why not pick a job by making research online?

Many companies in different industries hire web researchers to find the most relevant and dependable sources of info for them. Then they share that info with their clients to help them make informed business decisions.

You can apply to work on their tasks—all you need is a computer and internet access. The list of companies that hire online researchers is Wonder hires, 10EQS, Upwork, and Indeed.

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Videos and Speech to Text Transcriber

You can make free money by transcribing messages for companies from videos and speech files into accurate text. Although, you have to strengthen your typing and hearing skills.

Jobs have to be error-free and easy for clients to understand. Start practicing by transcribing short audio files and make yourself ready to apply for jobs with transcription companies.

Online jobs such as this are mostly available with freelancing websites i.e Fiverr, Upwork, TranslatorCafe, OneSky, Blend, and so on.

Websites and Apps Reviewer

Make money online for free by reviewing websites and apps. Companies pay people to leave testimonials on their sites.

In most instances, you’ll earn more if you’re willing to do one-on-one testing sessions with clients over video conferencing. Companies that offer jobs to websites and apps reviewer are UserTesting, TryMyUI, and Testbirds amongst others.

Affiliate Marketer

Do you have the persuasive skill to convince a person to buy a product or can you promote a product or business effectively? Then become an affiliate marketer and earn commission by promoting products, services, or brands on different platforms.

Affiliate marketing has a lot to do with how well you can utilize the power of social media to advertise and attract people to given products and services. As such one needs a comprehensive knowledge of how social media functions to go into this line.

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Virtual/Online Travel Agent

Everyone is looking to move and travel from one space to the other whether for educational purposes, vacation, or total relocation. It’s very lucrative as one can get paid by helping people plan vacations and personal travels.

Many individuals rely on travel agents to make their trips easier as the logistics of traveling can be very overwhelming. All you need is accurate research and organizational skill to plan smooth trips for your clients.

It’s a great money-making opportunity for individuals with social media skills as you can use your existing profile as your portfolio.