How to Make a Cover Story On LinkedIn

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This article will explore how to make a cover story on LinkedIn. Furthermore how it can help build your personal brand and who should be using it.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social media networks for businesses and professionals on the internet. The professional network has more than 756 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

It also hosts business profiles of over 30 million companies. The cover story feature introduced to LinkedIn aims at helping professionals build their personal brand and assist their job search. It is a welcome move over boring profile photos and information.

LinkedIn Cover Story

What is the cover story feature on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn cover story feature gives job seekers a new, creative opportunity to share skills and experiences via video. This is done with the aim to potentially catch the eye of a LinkedIn recruiter.

A LinkedIn Cover Story video is a 30-second vertical video you can add to your profile. With this feature, you can satisfy a visitor’s affinity for video. More importantly, stand out from those who aren’t taking advantage of this capability.

The video cover story will be accessible via your profile photo. It has an orange ring indicating the profile has added a video cover story.

A preview of 3 seconds will also be automatically silently played within the photo frame. This feature just might be the tool you need to stand out and jump off the paper.

Why the LinkedIn cover story feature?

With the cover story feature, users are now able to tell their potential recruiters and the LinkedIn community their personal stories. Also, share their career goals on a whole new level.

Adding a LinkedIn cover story is one of the best ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. By welcoming visitors to your LinkedIn profile and sharing your skills and experiences in a short, easily digestible video clip.

Steps to creating your cover story on LinkedIn

Presently, it is only possible to create or upload LinkedIn cover stories on the LinkedIn mobile app for iPhone or Android. Below are the steps to follow in creating your cover story:

  • Open the LinkedIn mobile app.
  • Navigate to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Open the profile photo menu.
  • Click on add cover story.
  • Record or upload your LinkedIn cover story.
  • Add text or stickers to your LinkedIn cover story.
  • Position your face.
  • Review your LinkedIn cover story.


  1. You’d have to enable the camera and microphone access to record a cover story.
  2. A cover story can’t exceed 30 seconds.
  3. You must be using the latest version of the LinkedIn mobile app to create and watch cover stories.
  4. You can only record a cover story from the LinkedIn mobile app.
  5. One can view and delete a cover story from the LinkedIn desktop site.

Should only people who are in search of jobs use it?

No! LinkedIn cover stories aren’t just for individuals in search of jobs. Business owners can benefit from the new feature by promoting their products and services.

Individuals and business owners who are open to work can use it to boost their personal branding. Thus utilizing this new video element on LinkedIn.

Tricks On Using this Feature

We recommend keeping it short and sweet as you don’t have a lot of time to work with. Think of your LinkedIn cover story as a 20 second commercial or elevator pitch.

Grab the attention of your potential LinkedIn recruiter. Tell them why you’re the best candidate for them, and share your experiences.

Your LinkedIn cover story is all about personal branding, including an introduction about yourself. Thus highlighting some of your standout accomplishments and aspirations.

Don’t fill your cover story with everything you’ve ever accomplished. Save it for the skills and experience section.

You also never want to bore your potential LinkedIn recruiter. Make sure you stay on topic, keep your talking points relevant and interesting.

Don’t write a lengthy speech and read it word for word. Just create a short summary of what you would like to say. Do remember to include all the important details.

Can LinkedIn cover stories be filmed on Smartphone cameras?

Of course! Currently, LinkedIn cover stories are only able to be developed on Smartphone devices using the LinkedIn mobile app. You can film and edit within the LinkedIn app. Also, upload a pre-recorded video to another video editor. Save then upload it to the LinkedIn app.

Viewers will be able to watch your cover story on both mobile and desktop.

Top tips for filming LinkedIn cover stories on your phone

  • Film in a quiet room. (preferably no background noise).
  • Use the back Smartphone camera for better quality.
  • Keep the camera at eye level. (no one wants to see just your neck and chin).
  • Have a simplistic background or one-color backdrop.
  • Natural or artificial lighting directly on your face. (seat yourself in front of a window).
  • Use the green-screen effect. This is if you do not have a suitable background.
  • You do not need a microphone. Your phone will pick up your voice with no problems.
  • Wear suitable interview attire. (Something you would wear to a regular in-person interview).

What is the aspect ratio for LinkedIn’s cover story?

Your LinkedIn cover story should be filmed in Portrait 9:16 aspect ratio.

The easiest way will be to film your LinkedIn cover story is to use portrait/vertical mode on your Smartphone. The video should be exported as an MP4 file with the H264 video codec.

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