How to Find Easter Egg Hunt Events Near Me

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Join the Easter egg hunt near you to have the best Easter-themed fun with friends and family. All you have to do is locate one around your vicinity.

Trust me you don’t want to have to travel all the way to Las Vegas when you got one happening around you in Detroit.

How to Find Easter Egg Hunt Events Near Me

What are Easter Egg Hunts?

Easter egg hunts are traditional all over the world occurring the week that precedes Easter Sunday. They are composed of fun Easter-themed activities you can take on with family and friends or any other category of loved ones.

Easter-based activities such as Hiking, almsgiving, site sighting, nature-inspired events, church activities, wildlife-based events, or even a literal Easter egg hunt. Whatever event you’re on, at the end of it all, you get your own Easter egg as a reward for your participation.

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How to Find Easter Egg Hunt Around Me

There are a lot of Easter egg hunts events going on around your area. Whether you’ve been there for 10 years or you just moved in, there should be one there.

You don’t have to start driving aimlessly on the road looking for one when you’ve got your phone.

  • Turn on your phone, scroll down on the home screen, and toggle on the “Location” icon.
  • On an iPhone, go to “Settings”. Using the Search tab at the top, search for location and select the Location option. Then turn on “Location services”.
  • Now, open Google Maps or Maps and type in Easter Egg Hunts. The Map service would immediately bring up all events relating to Easter Egg hunts around your vicinity.

Alternative Methods

If the above procedures don’t get you an event close to you, you can always check out Facebook. The events section on Facebook will enlist Easter-themed activities coming up around you including Easter egg hunts.

Just sign in to Facebook through the Facebook app. Tap on the three lines menu at the top right corner. Select “Events” from the list of tabs present.

On the events page, click on the microscope icon at the top right corner. Then type in Easter egg hunts into the search tab.