Google Play Store Update | Google Tweaking its Default App Store to Make it Better For Large Screens

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The new Google play store update definitely promises large screen users to ease at using the Google app store. Users can discover and navigate through the apps in the app store more easily.

Google is making changes in the play store in order to assist users in finding quality applications in whatever category users want. These new changes consist of three new features.

Google Play Store Update

The Three New Quality Features

These features are;

  • Alerts on low-quality apps.
  • Device-specific ratings and reviews.
  • Ranking and Promotability changes.

This way Google can analyze how its Play Store ranks and features apps on big screen devices and foldable devices. This feature also considers different devices orientation, keyboard support, and so on.

This way you get reviews and ratings on apps from people using the same device as you. You’d get a review or rating from users who either use a phone or tablet depending on the device you’re using to access the Google play store.

Google Play Store Update Review

Additionally, high-quality apps and games would pop up on your screen first so you can make your downloading decisions well equipped with the right information. Furthermore, Google also said it’ll be changing the alerts for apps that don’t meet compatibility requirements.

This is to ensure users know if an app will or won’t work on their device or the kind of problems they might experience with the app if they download it.

This set of updates to the already magnificent app store is fantastic. The only bad side to it is the fact that it’s not only available to large-screen devices.

On the other hand, Google doesn’t really have a lot of devices that are large screens. Thus we can be hopeful that these set of updates would come to smartphone users too someday soon.

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