Google Chrome Security Update | How to Get the Emergency Attack Security Update

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In total Google Chrome security update is now at number three to help combat the effects of a rampant vulnerability attack on the browser.

Google Chrome Security Update

What is the Vulnerability Attack?

The google vulnerability is tagged as CVE-2022- serial number (1364 or 1096). It’s a confusion error in the Chrome VB Javascript engine.

In simple terms, if your Chrome browser is targeted by an attacker, it gives the opportunity to crash the browser and execute arbitrary code. Your device can be infected with “Denial of Service” attacks or with malware or ransomware.

These things are bound to happen; the important thing is Google rose to the occasion and made updates available to combat the issue.

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How to Get the Google Chrome Security Update

The browser should update itself once the option has been made available to your device. Nevertheless, it’s pertinent to the situation on the ground to get it done yourself or confirm it.

Confirm if You’ve Got it First

⦁ Open the Chrome browser on your device.
⦁ Click on the three dots icon (Elipsis).

On a PC, the ellipsis is located at the top right corner. On an iPhone, at the bottom right corner, and on an Android at the top right corner also. Next, scroll down and select “Help” from the list of options in the menu.

Check for Chrome’s version. If the version is not tagged 100.0.4896.127, then it’s vulnerable to these attacks and needs to be updated.

How to Update Your Chrome Browser Immediately

Computer or PC

Open the Chrome browser and tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner. Scroll down and select “Help”>”About Google Chrome”.

Hit on the “Update” button under the Google Chrome tab.


Go to the google play store and on the search tab at the top, type in Google Chrome. Tap on Google Chrome and on the next page, select “Update”.


Open the app store on your device and on the search tab at the bottom type in Google Chrome. Subsequently hit on the “Update” button to the right of the browser.