Rap star, Future is the father of 8 children, with 8 different women. This became his reality last year after DNA tests confirmed that the baby of a model, Eliza Reign was officially his.

However, things have not been cordial between the co-parents, as they have been engaged in a rather serious legal battle since the birth of their child.

At first, they had issues sorting Reign’s paternity back in 2019, and now, they have moved on to being at loggerheads regarding child support payments.

The judge determined that Future should pay $3,200 a month for baby Reign’s expenses, but Future insists on paying $1,000 monthly. Eliza, who scoffed at this has asked for Future’s finances to be reviewed, subpoenaing his record contracts and business’ accounting.

She is in high hopes that new evidence will provide a reason for the child support amount to be reviewed. The fact that the futures legal team is requesting a date may help them move closer to a resolution.

Following the Judges’ ruling, the rapper has been publicly saying that Eliza had turned the baby into a “check baby.” After DNA results confirmed his paternity he blatantly denied prior, a judge ordered Future to pay $3,200 a month to aid in baby Reign’s care.

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