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Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners – Canada is a great country for foreigners looking to find work in the fruit picking industry. This is because Canada has a large fruit-producing industry and many people are willing to pay foreign workers to pick their fruit.

What type of fruit can you pick?

As a fruit picker in Canada, you will be able to pick a variety of fruits that include apples, pears, plums, and grapes. You can also pick strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries during the summertime. In terms of the season, you can work either fall or winter.

The good news is that fruit picking jobs in Canada are usually seasonal. This means that there are usually more opportunities for fruit picking in the summer months when crops are in full production and fewer opportunities during the winter when crops have been harvested.

If you’re looking for an outdoor job with some seasonal variations, fruit picking may be a good option for you. You’ll need some stamina to work outdoors all day long in warm weather conditions, but it may be worth it if you enjoy being outdoors and have a keen eye for detail.

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Types of Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

There are many types of fruit picking jobs in Canada that are perfect for foreigners. These include agricultural work, seasonal work, and fruit sorting and packing jobs.

Agricultural work includes planting, harvesting, and livestock care.

Seasonal work is usually temporary and can involve working in different parts of the country during different times of the year.

Fruit sorting and packing jobs involve sorting and packaging fruits for sale. This can involve either manual or automated tasks. In most cases, these jobs are well-paid and offer opportunities for advancement.

How To Find Fruit Picking Employment in Canada

Here are five tips on how to find a job as a fruit picker in Canada:

1. Start by browsing the internet. There are plenty of job postings online, both in Canadian and international newspapers and websites.

2. Attend local job fairs. These events are typically held in major cities across Canada and are great places to network and meet potential employers.

3. Sign up with a labor agency. These organizations can help you get started with the application process and connect you with companies that are hiring fruit pickers.

4. Start your own business. If you have experience working as a fruit picker and have access to good equipment, you could start your own business doing this type of work.

5. Use the resources available to you. If you don’t have any connections or experience in finding jobs as a fruit picker, there are plenty of resources available to help you, including job counseling services, career centers, and labor agencies.

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Essential skills for picking fruit in Canada

If you’re considering a fruit picking job in Canada, here are a few essential skills to have:

  • Good hand-eye coordination.
  • A strong back and arm.
  • The ability to squat for long periods of time.
  • Stamina to work in hot weather conditions.

How much do Fruitpicking Jobs In Canada Pay and holidays

Fruit picking jobs in Canada pay well, but the season is short. Most fruit-picking jobs in Canada are on holidays. The most popular fruit picking season is from May to September.

If you’re thinking of moving to Canada to pursue a fruit picking job, be prepared to shell out some dough. The average salary for fruit-pickers in Canada is $20.70 per hour, according to the Government of Canada’s website. That works out to $41,160 annually or $5,910 per month.

Tips to find Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

For anyone looking to get into the fruit picking business in Canada, there are a few things worth taking into account. First and foremost, you’ll need to be aware of seasonal changes.

For example, in the fall, crops of apples and pears will be ripe and ready for harvest. However, in the winter months, many different fruits are in season and can be picked accordingly.

Another consideration is geography. Ideally, you’ll want to find a job close to major fruit-producing areas so that you can get to work easily.

And finally, it’s important to keep your eyes open for job postings. Sometimes businesses will post open positions on websites like Indeed or Kijiji, or they will contact workers directly if they’re looking for new hires.

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What to Expect from Working on a Farm in Canada


If you’re thinking about picking fruit in Canada, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, farm work is usually seasonal, so be prepared to switch jobs every few months. The hours are long and the pay is low and that’s why it’s categorized as labor work.

You’ll likely spend most of your time outdoors in all kinds of weather. As such, you’ll need to be physically fit and able to handle a lot of hard work.

Furthermore, you must be fluent in English or french.


Despite the challenges of working on a farm in Canada, there are many benefits as well.

For starters, the scenery is beautiful. From the fields full of ripe fruit to the mountains in the distance. And despite the cold winters (which can be very long), the salaries are good compared to other jobs in Canada.

In addition, many farms offer comprehensive health and safety protections, including worker compensation insurance and disability insurance.

Finally, farm work is an important part of Canadian culture. it helps contribute to our food security and supports rural communities.


If you are looking for fruit picking jobs in Canada, there are a few places to check. has a great overview of all the available work in the country.

As well as some tips on preparing for a fruit picking job. is another resource that can help you find seasonal fruit picking jobs across the country. With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and find the right company that will fit your needs.

Available Jobs

Description: Tractor Operator.

Employer: Jealous Fruits Limited.

Location: Kelowna, BC.

Type: Full-Time on Contract which lasts for 3 months.

Salary: Undisclosed.