Free Money Apps | 7 Fascinating Apps to Get Free Money

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Free Money Apps – Without a doubt in this trying time, all anyone has to do is make money, more money, and much more money. Many do not really mind how to come about it however they just want this cash inflow.

Well, here is a saving grace.

7 Fascinating Apps to Get Free Money

     Do You Know 5 Great Apps That Lets You Borrow Money Instantly?

Nielsen Panel

You can get up to $50 as a signup bonus on Nielsen Panel. Nielsen is a data research team that pays you just to monitor their browsing activity.

All you have to do is download their app and let it run in the background whenever you are online. You don’t necessarily need to be on it. Easy, right?


Mypoints is one of the few apps that pay you for signing up. You can get up to $10 as a signup bonus on MyPoints.

One can also money by earning points by watching videos, taking surveys, and so on. Those points are then converted to cash, gift cards, or physical gifts.

Aspiration Bank

You can get $200 for free when you open a new bank account with Aspiration Bank. The account is opened with no fees.

Its app can be downloaded by both Android and iPhone devices from your device’s respective app store. Very easy to navigate, set up, and use.


With this app, you get paid for taking surveys, shopping online, and watching videos. It’s very easy to use.

Why not make money by undertaking simple tasks like those listed above. The pay’s not exactly top-notch but it’s a start.

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MobileXpression is an easy way to get $5 or $10 (depending on the current offer). It’s also completely free given one downloads the software to your mobile device.

The app boasts over 2 million users. It has similar features to Neilsen Panel; it runs in the background of your device and anonymously tracks your data.


Fundrise is a real estate investing platform that allows you to easily invest in a variety of real estate assets without the stress of managing a property, dealing with tenants, or collecting rent payments.

With this money-making app, you’ll not only collect some free money to start, but it can grow to become worth much more over time.


LifePoints is another great money-making app for taking paid surveys and more. When you create an account, you’ll score 10 LifePoints instantly with no work required.

LifePoints has paid out over $22 million to their users making it an awesome way to get paid for your time. With integrated payment options such as Paypal, getting funds has never been easier.

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