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There are a lot of streaming platforms out there, one from Facebook doesn’t sound great.

Facebook Watch App is now available and can be downloaded to your mobile devices, computers, and smart TVs.

Facebook Watch App

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch was originally developed so it can only be accessed through the Facebook website or Facebook app. It’s not a cable service or subscription-based service, think of it as more like YouTube.

It includes a variety of content from the Facebook community and professionally produced content. These contents are suggested to users based on their activities on Facebook.

How to find Facebook Watch

Like every other feature on Facebook, it has its own tab. Once signed in to your Facebook account through the mobile app or Facebook web; tap on the video-like icon at the tab at the top.

Alternatively, tap on the hamburger menu and select “Watch” or “Videos on Watch” from the list of options there. You can find videos here by using the various categories made available through the tab at the top of the page.

There’s the “Search”, “Top Picks”, “Editor’s Pick”, “Watchlist”, “Gaming”, and so on.

Download the Facebook Watch App

The Facebook Watch has been made available as a stand-alone app. You can now download it on your Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

This was made possible for Facebook users who want to stream Facebook videos through their Smart TV after the feature was designed with a TV-friendly interface.

How to Download the Facebook Watch App

Depending on the type of device you’re using, navigate to its respective app store. i.e Android – Google Play Store, Windows – Microsoft store, iOS devices – Apple store. In the same tradition, locate and open the app store on your TV.

Now using the search tab; type in Facebook Watch. Select the app and proceed to download it to your device.