Facebook Push Notifications | How to turn Off & On Facebook Notifications Settings

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Facebook push notifications are the alerts or pop-ups you get from Facebook when an activity concerning your Facebook account occurs. They can be informative as well as disturbing.

It mostly happens when you’re not currently active on Facebook. That could mean you’re occupied with something else and you don’t need Facebook disturbing you at that moment. Turn it off then or manage it.

Facebook push notifications

How to Turn Off and On Facebook Push Notification On PC

If you’re using a PC or computer, this means you can only access your Facebook account through a web browser.

⦁ Go to Facebook.com. Click on the “Gear” icon by the top right corner.
⦁ Select “Settings”.
⦁ Next, “Notification” and subsequently “How you Get Notifications”.
⦁ Hit on “Browser” and then turn the “Push Notifications” button on or off or select “Mute Notifications”.

How to Turn Off and On Facebook Push Notifications on Mobile

⦁ Open the Facebook Mobile app on your mobile device.
⦁ Hit on the “Menu” button in the top right corner.
⦁ Select “Settings and Privacy”.
⦁ Hit on “Settings” and choose “Notifications” under the Preferences section.
⦁ Now turn the “Mute Push Notifications” button on or off depending on what you want.

Once you do this, a menu will come up suggesting you pick an amount of time for this setting to stay valid. While turning off your Facebook notification will keep things quiet, you’d also miss out on a lot on Facebook. We’ve got a way to fix that.

Manage Facebook Push Notifications

Signed into Facebook via a web browser or the mobile app; navigate to the settings menu as earlier directed and then the Notifications tab. Instead of just turning it all off i.e using the mute all facebook notification button, do this;
⦁ In the section “What Notifications You Receive”, select any category of Notification you’d rather not receive to turn it off.
⦁ There are different categories such as comments, tags, friend requests, reminders, and so on.
⦁ After selecting a category, on the next page turn it push notification setting off or on.

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