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In a conversation on Facebook Messenger and it’s taking forever for this person to text back, you can play games while you wait. That was the idea behind the launch of the Facebook Messenger games back in 2016; playing games while chatting.

Available on the updated Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and Android, it can be found by clicking on the game icon close to the conversation or chatbox.

Facebook Messenger Games

Facebook Messenger Games Moved to Facebook Gaming

If you tried finding the Facebook Messenger game using the simple guide above, you might not find the game icon. Do not be alarmed because all gaming activity has now been moved to the Facebook app.

This new section is called Facebook gaming and it is located under the hamburger menu. i.e the three lines menu at the top right corner on the Newsfeed page.

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Top Games to Play on Facebook Gaming

Messenger games being moved to the Facebook app wasn’t the only thing we have to thank Facebook for. A lot of games were also added to the service.

Here are some you should definitely check out
1. Everwing; Fairy waging air-war against demons. Demons get stronger, so you need to collect a lot of coins to upgrade your ammo and stand a chance.
2. Space Invader; Yes the classic slide your finger on the screen to beat aliens’ black screened game.
3. Words with Friends; As the name suggests, it’s best played with friends.
4. Daily Sudoku.
5. Golden boot; Earn points by scoring audacious free kicks.
6. 8 Ball pool; Also, best enjoyed playing with friends.
7. Field of Battle; like guns? check this game out.
8. KO Boxing 3D.
9. Random Shooters.
10. Jetpack Joyride.

How to Play a Facebook Game

Once you get into the gaming section, search for a game to play. Tap on it and select”Play Now” to start playing.
Use your phone’s back button to exit the game. Doing this will take you to the Facebook Gameroom. The Facebook Gameroom looks like an app store of games, except clicking on any game won’t prompt you to download it instead you’d be playing it straight away.