Facebook Live | Going Live On Facebook | Essential Tips While Going Live On Facebook For Starters

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Facebook Live is a way of communicating or broadcasting in real-time to audiences about topics that affect all of you. Going live is more of Instagram’s thing, mostly because there are lots of celebrities and influencers active on there.

However, being a business personnel on Facebook or an influencer, you need to be able to communicate and promote what you’re all about to the Facebook community. What better way to do it than using the Facebook live broadcast feature.

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How to Access Facebook Live Feature

Its a similar process locating this feature either via a mobile or PC. Trying to use it via mobile; you should do it via the Facebook app and Facebook web is your only option if you’re using a computer.
Sign in to your Facebook account.

Web Browser

⦁ On the Newsfeed page; tap on the “Go Live” option on the tab at the top.
⦁ Alternatively, you can visit www.facebook.com/live/producer.

Mobile App

⦁ On the Newsfeed page, hit the “What’s on your mind” option at the top.
⦁ Next, click on “Live”.

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Essential Tips While Going Live On Facebook For Starters

Facebook live hosts can now monetize their content. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything right to attract audiences and hit your target goal while using this tool.

  1.  Advertise or Inform targeted audiences ahead of time or schedule.
  2. Strong internet connection; live streaming takes up a lot of data whether you’re using a phone, computer, or a camera. Your video streaming quality and feed depend on the strength of your network
  3. Always have a backup network option. If it’s possible, get access to a private network dedicated only to your purpose.
  4. While streaming, keep your audience focused.
    ⦁ Intelligent and alluring topics are the basics of achieving this. Topics that generally affect everyone.
    ⦁ Conversate with commenters. Reply to greetings or statements made on your live feed or bring up questions asked on the feed while broadcasting.
    ⦁ Surprise your audience by bringing on people or persons of interest on the live broadcast.
  5. Stay on broadcasting for a longer period of time. The longer you keep up with it, the more likely people are to view your broadcast link and join in or invite others.
  6. Avoid using copyrighted or trademark materials while using this feature.

In conclusion, a lot of Facebook users are already in on this feature. To efficiently make use of it, you need to be creative and unique while using this tool.