Facebook Happy Easter Wishes | 15 Wonderful Messages For Easter

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Facebook Happy Easter Wishes – In a few days’ time, we will celebrate the resurrection of the savior, teacher, master, and love incarnate Jesus Christ. Everybody around the world whether you are a believer or not will witness renewed atmospheric change given how important Christians take this celebration.

Well, one way or the other, you’ve got to send your best wishes to the people around you. To family, friends, work or school associates, and drinking partners, everyone should get a Happy Easter message.

Facebook Happy Easter Wishes

Little History About Easter

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion. It is preceded by the Lent season; 40-day fasting, supplication, and fasting period.
It’s not necessarily a fixed date. Its date is assigned for each year based on a lunisolar calendar. In simple terms, the first Sunday after the first full moon that comes up on or immediately after March 21st.
So come 17th of April this year, Easter will be celebrated.

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15 Wonderful Messages For Easter

We don’t want you stressing yourself, compiling all these messages and wishes for different people. Thus we’ve made up a short categorized list of interesting wishes you can select from

Religious Easter Messages

  • On this day the LORD resurrected and as such, we tap into that covenant of resurrection and apply that power to everything dead and stagnant in our life. Wish you the best.
  • We were born to be winners and as today symbolizes winning, We will keep celebrating wins through this day. Cheers mate, and a Happy Easter celebration to you.
  • The love of GOD and his fellowship will never depart from you and your family this Easter as we celebrate that perfect love.
  • He has risen; hooray. I pray everything good and great in your life follows suit, Happy Easter.
  • Have a blessed Easter holiday filled with joy, growth, and hope for a better future.

Comedy Related Easter Wishes

  • May your life be fun-filled this Easter Sun-day.
  • Another Easter we celebrate and gradually I realize we are getting old. Next one I’m not sending you any wishes so read this one like it’s the last one and enjoy this glorious day like it’s the last also.
  • May your baskets be filled with the brim this holiday, Happy Easter celebrations to you.
  • It doesn’t get better than this my friend, Easter is here and so are your senses. Use them wisely before the day ends. Happy Easter my good friend.
  • We should dance out to the street King David style and praise GOD for yet another chance to witness this resurrection day but you’re miles away from me so I can only wish you love and growth on this special day.

Family & Loved Ones Themed Wishes

  • Easter is about the gift of Jesus; the opportunity to forgive and sacrifice for another and that is truly what this family means to me, cheers with love from ……
  • Sending many kisses tucked in blessings to you my love.
  • May the miracle and covenant of Easter fix everything wrong with our relationship, Happy Easter my dearest one.
  • This gracious Easter, I can’t celebrate without saying I’m most especially thankful for ever meeting you.
  • It’s Easter already and if you ask me, I can’t wait for Christmas to come around. However, for now, you stay safe, well, and in the spirit of renewal.

In Conclusion, AfricanTunez wishes you a reviving Easter celebration. Stay safe