The Swedish billionaire failed in an initial attempt to buy the club from the Kroenkes, however he has reportedly not given up trying just yet

Daniel Ek will “definitely” attempt to buy Arsenal again after his initial attempt to take over the club was rebuffed by current owner Stan Kroenke, says Patrick Vieira, the former Gunners midfielder who formed part of the consortium with the Spotify founder.

Vieira, along with fellow former Arsenal stars Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry, backed the Swedish billionaire as a formal bid was made for the club, which was knocked back by the Americans.

However, the former France international says Arsenal fan Ek has not been discouraged from buying the club, and feels that a takeover is necessary to arrest the slump seen on the field from the Gunners in recent seasons.

What has been said?

Vieira told ITV: “Yeah, he’s definitely going to try again, he’s going to be there for quite a long time. He’s a massive Arsenal fan – talking to him a couple of times, his desire and commitment to Arsenal would be fantastic.

“If the club is not for sale then there is nothing he can do, but he’s going to wait, he wants to buy the club.

“It would be really important because Arsenal is in a critical moment, and for me it is important for him to do his maximum to buy the club, because in the last couple of years they have not taken the right direction and it is time for a change.”

The story so far

Ek confirmed he wanted to buy Arsenal amid the backlash against Kroenke – already unpopular among Gunners fans for poor on-field results and a perceived lack of investment – for getting the club involved in the aborted breakaway Super League.

He has been supported by former Arsenal players Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp, with the latter explaining that the club remains very close to their hearts.

Bergkamp said: “After I left the club I always kept in touch with Thierry and Patrick, and of course I continued to watch the games. Just like Patrick and Thierry, I recognise the Arsenal from our own time less and less.

“The ambition to win top prizes is in Arsenal’s DNA. Never accepting to lose. That mentality has slowly disappeared. I sense resignation about the current situation. That is serious. As if, given the financial situation, it is normal for Arsenal to end mid-table. That does not belong to this club. Arsenal’s DNA must be restored.”

Ek, who is said to boast a net worth of £3.2 billion ($4.4bn), is the focal point of the takeover project, however, and revealed via Twitter that he had made a formal bid for Arsenal – but it was turned down.

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