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Corporate Fashion Jobs Atlanta for Foreigners – Atlanta is a city that has been transforming its style in recent years, as seen by its emergence as the newest international fashion destination. The city’s design and arts culture has also helped make it attractive to foreigners who are looking for great careers in fashion.

What do Corporate Fashion Jobs Do?

There are many different types of corporate fashion jobs in Atlanta, and they all have their own unique benefits. Corporate fashion jobs can provide a great way to work in a fun and creative environment, while also helping to support the fashion industry.

In general, corporate fashion jobs involve working with clients to create and design clothing and accessories. They may also be responsible for managing the company’s wardrobe and designing new collections. Some corporate fashion jobs may also include marketing and sales work.

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Requirements for Foreigners Applying For Corporate Fashion Jobs

In order to work in the fashion industry, foreigners must have a valid visa and be legally allowed to work in the United States. Most fashion jobs in Atlanta require a college degree in design, sewing, or a related field.

However, many companies are willing to train new employees and offer flexible working hours. Additionally, some fashion companies may require English proficiency.

Corporate Fashion Job Salary

Industry Average Salaries for Foreigners in Atlanta. In 2015, the average salary for fashion jobs in Atlanta was $56,000 per year and $29.53 per hour.

These numbers were based on data collected by Payscale and Glassdoor.

Why Do Companies Hire Foreigners?

There are a few reasons why companies may prefer to hire foreigners for certain positions. Foreigners may possess a different perspective or skill set that is valuable to the company.

Furthermore, foreigners may be cheaper or have more experience than Americans when it comes to performing a certain task. Most fashion companies that hire foreigners prefer to pick people who are exceptional on the list of applicants.

Also, some companies may feel that hiring a foreigner will make their workplace more culturally diverse. Fashion is diverse, why not its workers?

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How Foreigners find a corporate fashion job in Atlanta

Here are some tips on how to find and land a corporate fashion job in Atlanta:

1. Start by searching online. Using the internet, search “corporate fashion jobs in Atlanta” or “fashion jobs in Atlanta.” You can also check out job boards specific to the clothing industry, like Indeed or CitySearch.

2. Apply offline. You’ll have a better shot at success if you apply for a job in person rather than simply submitting an online application.

3. Become an expert on the industry’s latest trends.

4. Attend more corporate fashion conventions, fashion events, and so on. This would improve your network in the field so you can get more job opportunities which might include jobs in Atlanta.

5. Research the different types of fashion jobs available in Atlanta and choose one that best fits your skill set.


Looking for a corporate fashion job in Atlanta? You’re not alone! With more and more companies looking for stylish and certified professionals, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who are looking.

Available Jobs

Description: Associate Designer.

Employer: Spanx.

Location: Atlanta, GA.

Type: Full-Time.

Salary: $21 – $43 Per Hour.

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