Best Smartwatch 2022 | 5 Best Smartwatch to Buy In 2022

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Best Smartwatch 2022 – Smartwatch can do more than just receive calls or get text messages. Some smartwatches now have health features like detecting elevated heartbeats.  Also, recommending emergency services.

Some work as fitness trackers and even your phone in the case of not having it close by. Smartwatches differ in the task they perform.

Best Smartwatch 2022

Why Do You Need this Post?

Some perform their functions better than others. Some smartwatch’s batteries can last for nearly a week just on a single charge while some can barely last a day.

There are now customized smartwatches that suit your personality. Here, we’re going to assist you with selecting one that best defines you.

5 Best Smartwatch to Buy In 2022

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple smartwatch is our biggest bet for the best smartwatch. Presently, the latest version of the Apple smartwatch is the Apple Watch Series 7 which costs $399.

The Apple Watch gives you a variety of health features and communication upgrades. Another version of the Apple smartwatch is the Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch SE amongst others. The Apple watch series 7 comes in sizes 41mm and 45mm.


The Apple Watch Series 7 has a QWERTY keyboard and has a larger display. It is always brighter on display and it comes with a USB-C magnetic charger.


It’s a smartwatch for only iPhone users. The battery hour life still remains the same as the previous series (18 hours)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy watch is acclaimed to be the best android smartwatch. It costs $249 to $349. It comes in sizes 40mm, 42mm, 44mm, and 46mm.


It comes with a 3-in-1 health sensor: measures heart rate takes ECGs and reads body composition. The smartwatch now has a slim design and the watch face is fun. In addition, it’s is also swim-proof.


The battery life still remains inconsistent. There are certain features that are exclusive to Samsung users. Thus, not all Android users will benefit from all features of this smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense

This is the best smartwatch from Fitbit with a size of 40mm. The health and wellness feature is more advanced than in previous ones. This Fitbit sense gives a very clear view of the body and costs $329.


It is attractive and has long battery life. It also has comprehensive fitness/ health features.

Fitbit Sense works with both iOS and Android and comes with an onboard GPS.


Spotify storage is not available to download music offline.

Apple Watch SE

This is a hybrid of the Apple watch series 5 and it costs $279. It comes in sizes 40mm and 44mm.


Its app library is huge and it comes with a large screen and a classic design. It stands out for its speedy chip and safety features.


There is no always-on display as the screen is off at times. Also, there is no ECG feature just the heart rate monitor. It is also only available to only iPhone users.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

It is a 43mm smartwatch with 10 days battery life. It costs $449.

Garmin Venu 2 plus is one of the best Garmin watches that are simultaneously capable of working as a workout partner and a device used to spice up your stylish lifestyle.


It is a fitness-tracking smartwatch. The call quality beats expectations. It works with both Android and iOS. It has on-wrist calls and a voice assistant feature.


Most apps are Garmin-related. Very few apps are from any third-party service.

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