Best Online Courses Platform | 5 Great Platforms to Study Online from Home

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Currently, there is a wide range of best online courses platform for different fields available that you can sign-up for and enjoy learning from the comfort of your home. Some of these learning platforms provide certification and others don’t.

Thus depending on what you actually need, this article contains a list of five great platforms to study online from your home.

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5 Great Platforms to Study Online from Home


Coursera is an accredited institution offering over 3000 courses leading to certification. They are in partnership with over 200 leading universities and companies to create courses to supplement your education and set you ahead in your career.

Apply for a course as low as $9.99 on Coursera. Professional certificate courses cost $39 a month and higher university-issued certificates can be applied for as low as $2000 per course.

Coursera also offers over 1,500 free courses and all classes are available in multiple languages. Although some courses have strict timelines we can actually assure you of a great learning period with Coursera.

Note that using this platform means you won’t get certificates for free courses. The platform allows for multimedia courses.

As such professors can construct classes, upload videos, and assign and grade quizzes and homework assignments. There are other elements that would be present in a “real” online college class.

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Udemy is by far one of the most recognized online learning platforms available presently. It offers mouth-watering courses of over 183,000 with over 65,000 instructors.

This made it very easy to find an expert working as an instructor taking a course in almost any niche. Udemy also offers certificates but not all courses applied for have certification.

Although it is not yet an accredited institution, Udemy offers courses for professional skills and hobbies, and courses. This E-learning platform is available in 65 languages.

One other interesting aspect of learning on Udemy is that you can get a refund within 30-days of payment after previewing the course that interests you but you are not just satisfied with the content of what you will be taught.

Courses on this learning platform range from $11 up to $200 or more. This price differs based on the course you are interested in.


Skillshare is more of an informal learning platform aimed at improving creative skills. It offers you nearly 70 diverse creative topics to learn about.

This includes graphic designs, photography, and creative writing. It offers well over 35,000 courses to learners in a subscription-based form of learning.

Particularly you have to subscribe monthly or annually to be able to enjoy the courses available on Skillshare. The subscription fee is $14 per month and $168 annually; you can also enjoy a 7-days free subscription trial.

This E-learning program is an accredited institution and does not give out certifications for courses you undertake.  With this platform, you have access to skilled tutors including celebrities in the creative world.

One of its few limitations is that courses are only available in English. No multi-language options here.

This learning platform does offer a set of free classes as well. From short, 20-minute videos to longer tutorials of an hour or more. They’re not as in-depth yet a good way to try out potentially interesting topics.

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The masterClass is an online learning platform that taps into celebrity’s experience and expertise to provide in-depth courses on a wide variety of topics. It offers over 100 courses and has world-class instructors.

Most courses on MasterClass have up to 20 lessons so you get in-depth learning for the course you are applying for. MasterClass avails you the opportunity to learn and hear straight from the people who have been successful in developing and utilizing effectively the skills you are learning.

For instance, you get to learn to cook from Gordon Ramsay, and delve into creative leadership with Anna Wintour.  Although it is not an accredited institution and does not issue certificates for learning, it has a very comprehensive curriculum for learning.

It is also a subscription-based learning platform like Skillshare but you have to make an annual subscription at once. Since it is a subscription-based learning platform, you can take up as many courses as you desire and they also give you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all your courses.

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Partnering with the likes of Berkeley, Harvard, and MIT, Edx is an online learning platform with over 3,500 courses being offered and over 15,000 instructors. Edx teaches education-oriented courses and also issues certificates for learning. It is also an accredited institution.

You also have access to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Edx is widely known for its STEM-related courses so very limited courses are available in the creative fields.

One very interesting thing about Edx is that the majority of their courses are free—but there’s a catch. If you’re just taking the class for your own learning experience, the free version will probably work. However, if you want to have formal verification for professional reasons, the “verified certificate” option costs about $49 per class.