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Best Loan Apps – As we know to fund a business idea or even starting a business is not always easy due to the financial part of every business idea. If you really need capital, why not get a loan?

In this article, we will be revealing our five best loan apps currently in operation in Nigeria. Our rating is on the basis of the platform’s trustworthiness when it comes to granting quick loans.

Furthermore, it’s also based on their customer representation and customer care services. Take note that our best five are not arranged in any particular order.

Best Loan Apps

5 Best Loan Apps Nigeria


This particular loan app is noted for its good customer service. Applicants can get as much as N150,000 from FairMoney. It is 100% stress-free when using this loan app as no paperwork, collateral, or guarantor is needed to get loans.

If after accessing your loan, you are able to pay on time, FairMoney gives more chances to you to get more benefits. One exciting feature of this loan app is that you get a 5% discount whenever you recharge on the app. Payment is easier on FairMoney as repayments are spread over multiple installments.

This loan platform is superb although there are some terms and conditions you’d have to agree to.

Carbon (Pay later)

This is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. It can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices. The app is well-designed and well-programmed.

The carbon loan platform assures easy credit. Funds are received within minutes of application. You need not worry about guarantors or collateral when it comes to the carbon loan platform. Loans are available to all groups of people from students to salary earners.

Another exciting feature of this loan app is that you can make payments for electricity bills and even recharge your network from this app.

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Palmcredit allows you access to loans as low as N2,000 and as high as N100,000. This loan app has very few details or information to be filled out before funds are released.

It is one of the best and most easily accessed quick loan apps in Nigeria.


Do you need a short-term loan? Try sokoLoan. It is a very easy and convenient app to use in accessing quick loans. SokoLoan is financed by a Microfinance Institution, Soko Lending Company Limited.

The online loan app is an initiative by the Microfinance institution to reach more people and make their financial services more accessible. Increasing your loan limits on SokoLoan is dependent on how fast you can offset your previous loan credits.


Branch is one of the best quick loan apps to look up to when you need that money badly. It is very easy; the sign-up, application for a loan, and disbursement of funds are all within minutes.

Branch gives loan offers for as low as N1,000 and as high as N200,000. All this with very little interest. In addition, Branch is not only available in Nigeria but it’s also available in other countries like Mexico, India, and Kenya.