Best Instagram Alternatives | 5 Instagram alternative apps 2022

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Best Instagram Alternatives – Instagram being a social media platform is well received by lots of people. Nevertheless, there’s been a lot of changes recently so much that Instagram users might be considering an alternative means.

As a person whose business is mainly on Instagram, you might not want to totally rely on the Instagram-Facebook ecosystem as the going down of one might be the going down of the others. These and more are reasons why you should learn about the alternative to Instagram so that you will be grounded when the need arises.

Best Instagram Alternatives

5 Instagram alternative apps 2022


Snapchat is a very demanding, popular, and one of the best social media platforms with millions of monthly and daily active users. Some features of Snapchat have been incorporated even on Instagram such as the disappearing stories and face filters features.

Snapchat has proven over the years to be one of the best if not the best alternative to Instagram. There are even a lot of video editing tools like the reverse filter feature that lets you play videos backward.


Then there’s Bebee which has oftentimes been referred to as a baby to an imaginary LinkedIn and Instagram marriage. This is because it allows you to create memories, share images and publicize your social life among other reasons.

It can be a lot of fun but you won’t know unless you try it out.


TikTok can successfully take the place of Instagram in anyone’s life. It’s more glamorous, fun-filled, and has that celeb influencer vibe Instagram also has except there are no pictures.

Trust me, you will have no other experience lesser than Instagram would give you. TikTok has a very big fan base and can form a part of your social media platforms.

With TikTok, you can create videos, make duets with another person and also share with your followers.

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EyeEm itself is already a big and bustling community with over 22 million users. It acts as both a social media platform and an image marketplace. This makes it doubly appealing to dedicated artists and photographers.

One unique feature of EyeEm is the mission that is set out for users. This mission challenges users to test their artistic skills by creating images. Images are created based on information provided by the brands that partner EyeEm.

In this competition, users have the chance to claim prizes ranging from having their images in commercial campaigns or exhibitions to cash prizes.


If you are a lover of varieties, then Vero should successfully take the place of Instagram for you. This is because it is not just the regular photos and videos platform. You also get to share music, TV shows, books, and many others on this platform.