5 Best Free Online Courses With Certificates

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The effect of the COVID-19 is still very visible in the job market. A lot of people have lost jobs and even those that have managed to keep their job can’t really get enough for the value they render to the company. All these have led many to seek other better and more feasible means to give a facelift to their financial state.

There are best free online courses with certificates you can learn to be ahead of others and get money instantly. Either after learning the skill or even while learning.

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5 Smart Online Courses With Certificates

Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Course

Hubspot is one of the best platforms out there to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. Master the art of email marketing from recipient management, and segmentation to delivery of email even up to the point of email management analysis.

The Hubspot Academy certificate is widely recognized by businesses out there. As such one can surely negotiate better rates when freelancing for an email marketing management job given the skill you have gathered while taking the course.

Computer Programming using Python

Programmers are often considered first in line when it comes to making money instantly. Thus, you can decide to build a money-making venture for yourself by taking up a course in Programming.

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Python 3.5 to solve real-world analytical problems. This has proved to be a very good money-making venture for many who have picked up jobs in companies or developed systems that people actually need to run their day-by-day businesses.

Google Academy for Ads

Google Academy for Ads is a free course anyone can undertake. Subsequently, you get to work with businesses or brands that need the services of a person who can help them set up pay-per-click advertising campaigns in Google search and Google mobile Ads.

Afterward, strive to become Google certified. This can be achieved by you sitting for an exam and it also means more money. Nonetheless, you can make money if you are not Google certified.

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Affiliate Marketing

Presently, this is one of the money-making courses you can pick up and earn yourself a passive income. One of the Affiliate Marketing classes you can join is Michelle Schroeder’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Here she gets to share all of the secrets regarding her success in the field.

Her affiliate marketing course includes six modules with over 30 lessons, plus worksheets, 10 amazing bonuses, and a private Facebook Group, which is very active. The course is currently priced at $197 or two payments of $105. Michelle offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on her course.

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Amazon Boot Camp

Another option is to join Jessica Larrew and her husband Cliff’s Amazon boot camp and offer yourself the opportunity to make money even before the completion of the course. You will be taught how to blog and sell products on Amazon.

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The course contains 14 different modules and includes everything from Amazon basics. Tools you’ll need, how to select products, pricing, packing, and so much more.

Besides access to the course, you’ll also receive bonuses and membership to a private Facebook Group. The full course is priced at $495, or a payment plan of $195 for three months and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.