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Apps to make money online are extra ways to improve your financial condition. While this software won’t necessarily make you incredibly rich, it’s sure to give create a respectable source of income.

These apps are more of a side hustle one can go into during recreational times or moments. If you put in just enough effort, these opportunities can also become the main source of income for you.

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5 Apps to Make Money Online


Making money on this software involves a cash-back process. What that basically means is you have to spend money to get money.

Rakuten is a Japanese-based global digital marketplace that deals in all sorts of businesses ranging from basic commodities to advertising to AI and so on. It rewards shoppers with up to 40% cash back on purchases made from well-known retailers, restaurants, food delivery services, travels, gift cards, and lots more. You can also earn a $10 welcome bonus after your first qualified purchase.

On signing in with the app, link your debit or credit card to the account to earn all cashback. This works given you do all of this first time through the Rakuten app.

Money App

Making money online is about working online and doing the little simple things most people won’t see or be interested in.  The Money app pays users for completing tasks on its platform.

It rewards registered users by providing rewards that can be redeemed for cash through a Paypal account which should be linked to your Money App account.  Tasks that can earn you rewards on here include playing games, checking stores, checking out services and products, trying out free trials, sharing opinions, and so on.

You can earn as much as $10 within 5 days.  Rewards can be redeemed within 2-3 working days.

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This platform is probably the best freelancing marketplace with over 200 working categories ranging from writing to therapists. There are many gigs here to choose from thereby ensuring the availability of all kinds of choice of careers.

Download the app, register by creating an account, and set up your profile as a “Seller”. Sellers are encouraged to complete and set up their profiles completely so they advertise themselves to potential buyers.

Buyers pay for tasks assigned to you and the more of those you complete, the higher you move up the chain. This means more buyers will view your profile, more pay, and also more efficiency while working.

Your payments can be withdrawn via Paypal, a bank account, or a Fiverr revenue card. There are also withdrawal fees, a Fiverr percentage off your earnings, and a withdrawal waiting period which can be frustrating sometimes.

Fluid Market

Do you have a vehicle just parked there without use? Why don’t you put it to use and earn some extra cool cash?

This app allows you to rent your vehicle; cargo van, truck, car, SUV, and so on within a certain amount of time.  You can make up to $24,000 per year by renting out your cars or vehicles on Fluid.

Although most vehicles are rented on this platform, one can also rent out tools or items i.e shoes, bikes, saws, etc.

The app is easy to use and makes using its services as simple as possible by providing all necessary features to make sure renters and rentees use the platform efficiently.


Swagbucks is an online making money platform whose app is available to android and iPhone users. On signing up, you get a $10 bonus.

The goal is to gather points by taking surveys, offering opinions, shopping online, game playing, testing apps,  watching videos, and so on. Every task given to do on this app is recreational, i.e can be done in one’s less busy time.

There are lots of opportunities, especially with surveys on here which create more ways to get points. These points can be redeemed to gift cards or cash to Paypal. However, the cash-out threshold is 2500 Swagbucks which tallies up to $25.

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This list of apps to make money online is available to android and iPhone devices.